How To Get Coins In Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom

Low on Gotchi Points? Use these methods to get coins in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom and spend them on tools, blueprints, food, upgrades, and more.

Gotchi Points are the primary currency used for transactions on Tamagotchi Planet. From buying a blueprint to the backpack upgrade, they are needed everywhere. Before the mysterious phenomena struck your world and left it with strange quests, you could just chill and stargaze, but now you have to join the hero Mametchi to restore the kingdom. As you expand your party and rescue fellow citizens with the power of happiness, you will find it worthwhile too.

However, no matter how powerful happiness is, even restoring it requires you to spend money. You will need different kinds of tools, consumables, accessories, and much more as you venture far and wide with your loyal companions. Thankfully, there are many ways to get coins in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom.

How to Get Gotchi Points in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom

Gotchi Points in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Mobile on YouTube
  • Quests: Completing quests might not be the fastest way, but they give decent Gotchi Points and a bunch of other items. Additionally, they are crucial for restoring the kingdom. You get a quest by interacting with the NPC characters who have exclamation marks on them. Once you have completed it, coins, hearts, blueprints, and more will automatically get stored in your inventory.
  • Bulletin Board Daily Task: Check the Bulletin Board every day after reset, and you will find some tasks that are easy and won’t take up much time. It is not hard to collect 100+ Gotchi Points through this method.
  • Sell Items: As you keep progressing, you will always find your inventory full of items that you aren’t planning to use or are pretty simple to gather. You can collect the lakeside freebies and sell them to Tama Street or Guruguru Town for easy money. Apart from that, if you invest in crafting, you can create and sell furniture for coins too.
  • Complete Royal Trial: While you are finishing the Royal Trial tasks, like picking up weeds and flowers, mining, clearing dirt mounds, and so on, you will sometimes get a few coins from it.

Perform these activities and collect coins in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom to purchase food, tools, and more. If this is interesting to you, check out our mobile guide to find more adventure games.