Gorilla Tag Ghosts Server Codes May 2024

Check out our updated list for all the Gorilla Tag Ghost Server Codes.

Gorilla Tag Ghosts is a perfect match for VR players looking for horrifying jump scares. Having said that, the players that aren’t easily scared can try out different Servers for an enhanced scarier experience. But where to find the server codes that are not full and actually work? Not to worry, check out our updated list of the Gorilla Tag Ghosts server codes.

Note: We will be adding new server codes when they come out.

Gorilla Tag Ghosts Server Codes List (May 2024)

gorilla tag ghost server codes

Here are the latest working server codes for Gorilla Tag Ghosts:

  • 1112598
  • 666
  • unknown
  • J3vu
  • Morse
  • Pbbc
  • Pbbv
  • Chippd
  • Echo
  • Hunt
  • hidden
  • I see you
  • Run
  • Smiler.exe
  • Spider
  • Sren17
  • Sren18
  • Banjo
  • baboon
  • bots
  • dead
  • choke

Expired Server Codes

Mentioned below are all the expired server codes that stopped working or are invalid:

  • Currently, there are no expired codes. But we will make sure to update this list if the above server codes stop working.

Gorilla Tag Ghosts FAQs

How to Redeem Server Codes?

Follow the below steps:

  • Launch Gorilla Tag Ghosts on your preferred platform (either PC or Oculus).
  • Look for a computer in the Central room from where you spawned.
  • Then, use the keyboard to type the Server codes.
  • Hit the Enter button to join the server.

Note to see the total number of people on the servers before joining them. If the servers are full,  you might face technical issues. So, we suggest joining a less populated server.

How to Get More Server Codes?

You can follow the social media of the devs and the game for the latest updates about the Server codes. You can follow the developers, Another Axiom, on their official Twitter and Twitch page for timely updates. But if you are looking for everything in one place, we suggest bookmarking this page. We update the list as soon as new Gorilla Tag Ghosts server codes are out. We also make sure to update the list when old codes stop working and are full. So, hit the CTRL + D shortcut buttons to bookmark this page instantly.

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