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Gorilla Tag Ghosts: What They Do & Possible Encounters

Here is what a Gorilla Tag Ghost is and what it does.

While playing Gorilla Tag, you must have heard of Gorilla Tag Ghost. For a popular VR game that is about monkeys jumping around playing tag, the term ghost seems to be in an odd place. But just like the name, any such players have creepy or odd behavior. So here is what you should know about ghosts in Gorilla Tag, and what to do if you encounter one.


What are Gorilla Tag Ghosts?

gorilla tag ghost list and what to do upon encounter

Many Gorilla Tag players have claimed to have encountered Ghosts in their lobbies. The reason this phenomenon or the popular tag is Gorilla Tag Ghost is that these “ghost players” don’t behave like your usual players. Many players claim that they have the “powers” to crash your game when you find them in your lobbies. Another common thing that these players can do is ban you.

But while these stories might be popular the developers of the game haven’t confirmed whether they are true. So for the most part you can consider any such player to be a hacker if you encounter one.


Here are some of the Gorilla Tag Ghosts you might have heard of:


This is probably the most famous ghost for this game. You can encounter EndIsHere in cities standing in a T-pose in front of mirrors. It is just a creepy ghost for the most part so you don’t have to worry much about it because it won’t haunt or chase you around. But the scary part happens after you approach it.


When standing too close to EndIsHere or staring at it you will sometimes see it face you. And then your game will crash. Many players also claim they receive a 3-week ban.


Another creepy ghost in this game is Daisy09. Apparently, she is a salmon-pink ghost that joins private or public lobbies and plays a distorted version of Daisy Bell to scare the players. She will run around a bit while playing the song and then eventually catch you. And when she does your game will crash. And just like EndIsHere, she too has the ability to ban you.



Statue is a yellow gorilla ghost that as the name implies appears as a statue. But the catch is if you find it in your lobby and if you look away from it, it will disappear. Next, it will spawn closer to you when you check back. Statue keeps doing this until it is up close and just like the other ghosts it crashes your game or bans you. You can encounter Statue mostly in mines especially if you play on the code Statue.

Gorilla Tag Ghost List

While the above 3 were some popular examples, here are some other Ghosts that you might come across in this game:

  • PBBV
  • Echo
  • Banshee
  • Spider
  • Voices
  • Mummy
  • Players with blank names.

What to do if there is a Ghost in your Gorilla Tag Lobby?

The best thing to do if there is a Ghost in your lobby is to leave your game. Ghosts are not real in Gorilla Tag but hackers are. So the best explanation for encountering one is that you have come across a hacker. While you could hang around and play with them, but their ability to ban you isn’t exactly worth it. You can use the above list as reference to see what players to avoid while playing.

That covers this guide on Gorilla Tag Ghosts, what they are and what to do when you encounter one. For more such topics on VR games, I suggest you check our best VR games list and the best games for Oculus Quest 2. And for other things gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.