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How to Use Gooigi In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Tips

Learn to use your wobbly friend

Gooigi is your best ally in Luigi’s Mansion 3, a wobbly version of Luigi he can pass through cages, and help Luigi come out of traps. Here in small guide that will tell you how to use Gooigi In Luigi’s Mansion 3. What are the exact controls to summon Gooigi and direct him properly to solve various puzzles in the game. You will be using Gooigi a lot in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to call Gooigi – Switch Controls


Press the Right Stick once to call Gooigi, he will pop-out from the back of Poltergust and Luigi’s goes to sleep for a while. Gooigi works exactly same as Luigi, he also has his own Poltergust and he can slip through tight spaces like grates or vents. If you want to switch back to Luigi then press Right stick one more time to halt Gooigi and get control of Luigi back. Press right stick twice to recall Gooigi back to the Poltergust.

Gooigi can use all the features of Poltergust from throwing up rubber plunger to sucking up items or pushing things away. You can use Gooigi and Luigi side by side, just press the Right Stick once to switch between two while using the vacuum. For example if you want to release Luigi from a trap, summon Gooigi to unlock the trap once, press the Right Stick instantly to look Gooigi into the same position and walk out of the track.

Gooigi will be unlocked after you defeat the Maid Ghost to retrieve Elvin Gadd’s Briefcase. The briefcase has the gooey substance that will be upgraded to the Poltergust to summon Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3.


What not to do while using Gooigi?

Do not walk into water, Gooigi will melt down he is vulnerable to water. If you walk over water he will melt and disappear. So if you see water or drops falling up from pipe avoid walking as Gooigi around it. It is best to ignore that path and find another one, or else Gooigi cannot help you. Avoid wet floors or rooms at all cost.