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All Goofy Stall Locations In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide has all the locations of Goofy Stall found in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has unique mechanics for running the economy. You as the dreamer in the game required to buy or sell items on daily basis to complete tasks or quests. Buying and selling basic items such as seeds and vegetables in the game is done in Goofy Stalls. These are present in different locations in different Biomes. Read this guide to know about all the Goofy Stall locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley and also know what they sell.


All Goofy Stall Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Except for The Plaza, all other Biomes contain one Goofy Stall. These Goofy Stalls are found in the locations mentioned below.

1. Peaceful Meadow

At the center of the Peaceful Meadow, you would find a Goofy Stall. The items you can purchase from here are mentioned below.

Goofy Stall Location in Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credit: SimsCrossing
  • Apples – 50 Star Coins
  • Lettuce – 12 Star Coins
  • Carrot Seeds – 10 Star Coins
  • Lettuce Seeds – 3 Star Coins
  • Wheat Seeds – 1 Star Coins

2. Dazzle Beach

You can find the Goofy Stall here near the Pier on the South Eastern Coast of Dazzle Beach. The items that are found in Dazzle beach’s Goofy Stall are mentioned below.

Goofy Stall Disney Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credit: Mehdi Juventino Gaming HQ
  • Sugarcane – 29 Star Coins
  • Corn Seeds – 15 Star Coins
  • Corn – 24 Star Coins
  • Tomato Seeds – 8 Star Coins
  • Sugarcane Seeds – 5 Star Coins

3. Forest of Valor

Search near the center of the forest beside the river to find Goofy Stall, which contains the items mentioned below.

All locations of Goofy Stall in Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credit: Mehdi Juventino Gaming HQ


  • Onions – 255 Star Coins
  • Canola – 164 Star Coins
  • Blueberries – 58 Star Coins
  • Onion Seeds – 50 Star Coins
  • Canola Seeds – 25 Star Coins
  • Bell Pepper Seeds – 12 Star Coins

4. Glade of Trust

Search in the eastern side of Mother Gothel’s Treehouse to find the Stall in the region. This stall contains items that are mentioned below to buy.

All locations of Goofy Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credit: Mehdi Juventino Gaming HQ
  • Okra – 171 Star Coins
  • Okra Seeds – 135 Star Coins
  • Lemon – 67 Star Coins
  • Spinach – 62 Star Coins
  • Spinach Seed – 45 Star Coins
  • Rice Seed – 35 Star Coins

5. Sunlit Plateau

If you search near the Plaza entrance or west to the Elephant graveyard, you will find a Stall from where you can purchase the following item mentioned below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Stall
Picture Credit: KwingsLetsPlays
  • Chili Pepper Seeds – 20 Star Coins
  • Cotton Seeds – 42 Star Coins
  • Zucchini Seeds – 30 Star Coins
  • Chili Peppers – 117 Star Coins
  • Soya Seeds – 60 Star Coins
  • Soya – 104 Star Coins

6. Frosted Heights

Herein you will find a stall nearby the river, right at the center. You can buy the following items from the stall that is mentioned below.

Goofy Stall Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credit: Mehdi Juventino Gaming HQ
  • Cucumber Seeds – 40 Star Coins
  • Cucumber – 239 Star Coins
  • Eggplant Seeds – 95 Star Coins
  • Asparagus Seeds – 150 Star Coins
  • Cherries – 83 Star Coins

7. Forgotten Lands

Head north from the Pumpkin house or to the East from Fast Travel Well to locate a Stall here. You can buy the items that are mentioned below.

Goofy Stall location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credit: BringTheParty
  • Pumpkin – 996 Star Coins
  • Pumpkin Seeds – 275 Star Coins
  • Potato – 189 Star Coins
  • Leek Seeds – 120 Star Coins
  • Potato Seeds – 55 Star Coins

That’s all places you need to know where Goofy Stall exists. Also, check out our guide on how to get Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley.