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How To Get Mint In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This Guide will help you to find Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mint is an essential ingredient to cook certain recipes in the game. New players who are exploring and trying new recipes often encounter new ingredients while completing Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, such as the 4-star ingredient Mint Chocolate, which requires Mint as the main ingredient. If you want to prepare a recipe that requires Mint and if you are curious to know how to get Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then this guide is all that you need to get started.


How to get Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Find Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • The only known method in the game is to Forage Mint in Frosted Heights to obtain Mint.
  • Frosted Heights Biome is only accessible after unlocking Forest of Valor, which costs around 3000 Dreamlight.
  • Frosted Heights costs 10,000 Dreamlight, which makes the gathering Mint in the beginning more exhausting for new Dreamers as in total you need to spend 13,000 Dreamlight.
  • You can earn Dreamlight by completing Dreamlight Duties that are assigned in the Dreamlight menu.
  • Bringing a Companion with Foraging Role can give Dreamers an extra Mint for Every Harvest they do.

What recipes require Mint as an essential ingredient?

The recipes that require Mint are

  • Mint Chocolate – Mint, Sugarcane, Cocoa Bean, Butter
  • Mint Candy – Mint, Sugarcane
  • Mint Sorbet – Mint, Slush Ice

As you can see, Mint Chocolate is a 4-Star recipe while Mind Candy and Sorbet are 2-Star recipes. Hence, Mint Chocolate replenishes about 1,827 energy, which is much higher than the other two recipes made out of Mint. Also, if your energy is low and you have Mint in your inventory, eat it to restore 155 energy per Mint. If you run out of coins, you can sell mints at the Goofy stall for 80 Star Coins each.


That’s all you need to know about how to get Mint. Also, Check out our guide on how to make Lemon Sorbet in Disney Dreamlight Valley.