How to Unlock Goldtusk Sword in Destiny 2 & What are its Perks?

Goldtusk sword features an amazing animation of finishing enemy in the end. If you had seen this sword and never got a chance to unlock one then check this guide.

Goldtusk is a popular Sword in Destiny 2. A weapon with high damage perks and a kind of cool finisher animation. It is right to say Goldtusk is one of the strongest weapons in Destiny 2. This weapon will let you cut down your foe in a different way. If you are looking for this sword then read this guide till the end.

How to get Goldtusk Sword in Destiny 2?

Complete Heroic Menagerie to unlock Goldtusk Sword in Destiny 2. It is a hunter specific weapon, so you will have to stick with the class to add this to your inventory. There are chances you will not get Goldtusk drop in Destiny 2 if you play as Titan or Warlock.

Goldtusk is dropped by killing bosses in Destiny 2. You will have to fight them off at all costs. While completing Heroic Menagerie missions track down all the bosses and shoot them down. There is a grinding attached to it. Bosses are not that simple, to reach them you have to face waves of other enemies.

Be ready for the same, Goldtusk is a sure drop from bosses in Destiny 2. The weapon comes with unique perks that amplify its damage. This is what makes this sword a strong weapon against all enemies in Destiny 2.

Goldtusk Weapon Stats:

  • Swing Speed – 82
  • Charge Rate – 41
  • Impact – 68
  • Charge Time – 20
  • Range – 20
  • Magazine – 70

Goldtusk Weapon Perks:

  • Jagged edge icon1.png Jagged Edge – Increased damage at the cost of sword ammo.
  • Lightweight Frame – Fast movement. : Dash attack.
  • Swordmaster’s Guard – Sword Guard has low overall defenses, but increases charge rate.
  • Energy Transfer – Guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy.
  • Whirlwind Blade – Rapid sword strikes increase this weapon’s damage for a short duration. Guarding also ends the effect.

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