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How To Get The Godskin Stitcher In Elden Ring

Get the Godskin Stitcher in Elden Ring with this guide.

Godskin Stitcher is a heavy thrusting sword in Elden Ring which is best known for its brutal strength and thrusting power. There are not many weapons in Elden Ring that can be compared to the one that is used by one of the Godskin Noble himself. Following are the stats of Godskin Stitcher in Elden Ring:

  • Strength Requirement – 14
  • Dexterity Requirement – 17
  • Physical Damage – 127
  • Weight – 7.0


Where to Find the Godskin Stitcher in Elden Ring

how to get to godskin noble

way to godskin noble


The Godskin Stitcher can be found easily at the Volcano Manor. To be more precise, you first have to find the Godskin Noble at the Temple of Eiglay. He will then drop his Godskin Stitcher once you defeat him, which you surely can by following the tips mentioned in the later section of the article. Here is a complete guide on how to get to the Volcano Manor for your reference.

Upon reaching the Volcano Manor, you have to make your way to the Temple of Eiglay. Follow these steps to get to your desired location quickly:

  1. Get to the Volcano Manor with the help of the guide mentioned above.
  2. Talk to Tanith, an NPC. You can find him near the Site of Grace.
  3. You will be presented with multiple options to choose from. Select “Join Volcano Manor”. You will get the key to the room where we need to go next.
  4. Walk down the corridor and enter the room on the right side. There, you will see a dead body lying on the floor in a corner.
  5. Get to that body and touch the wall adjacent to it. A secret path will now be available for you to use. Do not forget to carry a torch before going on that path.
  6. Now, you can either keep fighting small side characters on your way, like snakes and a giant hound in the basement or you can ignore all of them and make your way straight to the Temple of Eiglay.
  7. Whatever you do, keep walking on the same path and when you get out of the manor, turn right and get going.
  8. Do not engage in battle with those side characters if you do not want to waste your time and hitpoints. Jump from one roof to another while avoiding any hits from those strange creatures.
  9. Again, follow the same path and you will find a small manor. Get to its base and find the exit.
  10. Once you exit this manor, turn right and jump off the elevated area. Try not to touch the lava or…you know what will happen.
  11. Move forward, climb up the stairs on the left. Now, you will see another snake-like creature in front of you. Kill it before it gets any chance to defend or attack.
  12. Next, use the lift to continue. Killing that particular snake was important because it can create problems for you while you use the lift.
  13. You will see a huge entrance and stairs with a character standing there. This is a mini-boss; you can defeat him easily.
  14. Lastly, go straight to the big door to the hallway and you will find the Godskin Noble there.


To get the Godskin Stitcher, you must defeat this noble first. Wondering how will you defeat him? No worries, we got your back.

How to Defeat Godskin Noble in Volcano Manor

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path to godskin stitcher

Once you get to this optional boss, fighting and defeating him is worth the efforts because you will then get the Godskin Stitcher. The Godskin Noble is rather big in size but do not get fooled by his appearance. He can move and attack pretty fast despite being that size. Our boss has a number of different attacks which can be tricky to counter if you do not pay attention to them. An attack which may take you by surprise is his belly shove. He will shove his belly towards you which is actually a very unique attack and totally unexpected. Though you can simply dodge it by moving away from him. His other attacks can be countered as well which you will learn eventually while fighting him. Let’s talk about some strategies to beat this boss.

Strategies to Beat Godskin Noble in Elden Ring

  1. Co-op With Other Players: Finding players online to team-up and defeat a tough guy in games is a smart way to get the job done. You can do that too. Get a person who you think can help you in this fight and you will defeat this boss with much less difficulty. Though the boss’ hitpoints will be higher than what he has when you fight him on your own, taking him down will be faster this way.
  2. Heavy Jump Attacks: Our Noble is weak to heavy jump attacks which can even leave him stunned for a brief moment. This can be your perfect time to land another hit. Try and attack him with as many heavy jump attacks as you can.
  3. Create And Wait For Openings: Godskin Noble has a large body which actually adds up to our advantage. When he attacks you, dodge those attacks and find suitable openings for you to make your move. With every move that he performs, he makes himself vulnerable to your attacks for a few seconds. You can hit him 2-3 times then.

You may end up fighting him for longer than what you might have imagined earlier but patience is the key. Slowly and steadily deal damage to him and ensure your victory. Once he gets defeated, he will drop the Godskin Stitcher. Here you go. Have that amazingly powerful weapon for yourself and keep slaying.

You will also get some other rewards for defeating this boss which make up for the efforts and time that you will be investing to get the Godskin Stitcher. For more related to Elden Ring, read our guides on Gamer Tweak.