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Godfall Features Over 90 Different Enemy Types & Will Take Advantage of Haptic Feedback

In the past few hours, the creative director of Godfall, Keith Lee, has revealed more details about the upcoming PlayStation 5 and PC title.

The new action RPG of Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software will present 90 different types of enemies and will take advantage of the main features introduced with Dualsense, including haptic feedback.


But that’s not all, since Godfall will also boast five weapon classes. In that sense, Keith Lee stated the following in an interview with GameSpot:

The vision for making this game was how we can merge [looting with] third-person melee combat, getting really juicy, tight combat mechanics, the moment to moment flow, and that experience, because a lot of the people on our team love skill-based action combat titles. Yet, also, there are people on our team, given our background having worked on Diablo and working at Blizzard, that we’ve always had a love for loot-driven action-RPGs.

We love playing Borderlands. So really, the original premise and the concept was, can we have a game where it’s somewhere in the middle, meaning that it’s one part loot-driven, as well as one part skill-driven. It’s more like an intrinsic mastery of the combats while the loot is more of an extrinsic reward system for you to be motivated to play the game.

What’s exciting about the DualSense controller is the fact that it has stereo vibration in terms of the rumblers, as well as resistance on the triggers, so one of the things that you can do is to create, for the first time, a sensation of your weapon hitting another weapon and how it resonates. The fact that if you’re sliding across the ground, depending on the surface of the material–you might slide on gravel or sand or water–the way the vibrations work really feel like the way that those surfaces would feel.

Godfall will release on PlayStation 5 and PC during the Christmas holidays, coinciding with the launch of Sony’s next-gen console.