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God Of War: How To Turn On Subtitles (PC, PS4, PS5)

Here's how to easily enable and turn on subtitles in God of War (PC, PS4, PS5).

God of War is finally available for PC players. With this 2018’s masterpiece being the most sold PS4 game, and winner of over 200 awards, this was one of the most awaited games to be ported to PC. So now once it’s here, many players are wondering how to turn on subtitles in God of War. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

How to Turn on Subtitles in God of War – PC, PS4, PS5

how to turn on subtitles god of war pc

Here is how to easily enable and turn on subtitles in God of War (PC, PS4, PS5):

  1. From the main menu, open “Settings”
  2. On the next page, open “Language”
  3. Toggle “Subtitles” to “On”
  4. You can also change “Text Language” on the same page
  5. Now go back, and select “Accessibility”
  6. Here enable “Subtitle Background”
  7. This will adjust background by light, dark & none
  8. You can also enable “Subtitle Speaker” in the same menu
  9. This will display the speaker’s name when subtitles are enabled
  10. Finally, you have “Tex Size Increase”
  11. This will increase the size of text and menu elements

The only issue in all of this is the text size in the game. No matter if you use the slider to increase the text size to maximum, the overall size inside the game will only increase a little bit. And there are have some issues in the accessibility feature. As per this God of War Deaf Accessibility Review by Courtney Craven of Can I Play That, points out “…players hear a sound (and a very important one, as it’s a fairly powerful enemy they’re about to be surprised by) but there are no captions for the sound.” I have missed this in my playthroughs but after reading their review, I understand such details are fairly important. I wonder how many such incidents in the game are there in the game. Hopefully, the devs look into this and fix them for players who rely on accessibility options to enjoy the game. Once again thanks to Courtney Craven for pointing out such issues in the game.

That’s all about how to easily enable and turn on subtitles in God of War (PC, PS4, PS5).  While you are here, kindly go throughout God of War Guides, where we have covered more interesting topics like Best God Of War PC Mods.