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God of War: Cory Balrog Talks About Using The Power of PS5 for Sequel

PlayStation 4 is slowly fading away, but looking back to a generation of games, the console has produced some outstanding achievements. One, in particular, is God of War from Sony Santa Monica and although there is nothing announced yet anything about its official sequel, the game director Cory Barlog explained how the franchise could use the functionality of PS5 in the future.

God of War was an instant success, reinventing Kratos’ story for a new generation and subsequently garnering numerous awards. The attention of Santa Monica Studios has always been focused on their flagship brand, and this time too it seems inevitable given the resounding success of the Spartan’s latest adventure.

Appearing as a guest on the Animal Talking show of Gary Whitta, Barlog discussed how the studio is preparing to use the new PlayStation 5 technology. One of the main features Barlog is excited about was the minimization of loading screens, and the team had already worked hard on this particular feature.

As most people know, the PS5 will have an ultra-fast SSD, which means loading times will be drastically reduced, which the studio seems particularly interested in its next sequel. In that sense, Barlog stated the following:

“For me, the SSD is amazing. I’m impatient and I don’t like any kind of load times. So we’ve gone through great lengths in this series – all the way back to the PS2 – of trying to hide any kind of loading. So you never really feel like you’re having that artificial layer of the game break you out of it. We let the menus do that, and the upgrading and stuff. There’s some really cool stuff I think we’re gonna be able to do.”

Certainly, the God of War sequel is one of the most anticipated titles, especially given the undisputed quality of this game. Although the sequel has not yet been announced, we are sure that Sony Santa Monica is preparing something for departure.