Minecraft Goats Location & How To Breed

Titus D'souza
3 Min Read

Goats are one of the many animals that can be found in the vast world of Minecraft. In today’s article, we’ll show you everything about goats – how to find and breed them in Minecraft. Keep reading.

Where to Find Goats in Minecraft

You can find goats in Minecraft on the top of surfaces at light levels of seven or higher like cliffs for example. They are found more easily during the daytime regardless of if the cliffs are covered in grass or snow. If luck has it, you can also come across screaming goats. These goats differ from regular goats in the way they bleat, making them quite rare to find in the game.

How to Breed Goats

Just like the other animals in Minecraft, Goats too can be bred. To breed goats, you first need to lure them with wheat as goats will always you if you carry wheat in your hand. Once lured, you can feed the wheat to two goats to begin the breeding process. This process will result in the spawning of a baby goat. You can speed up the growth process of the baby goat by feeding it wheat.

minecraft feeding goats

Goats in Minecraft can be milked by placing a bucket on them. They also drop raw mutton upon being killed, while dropping cooked mutton upon being burnt.

minecraft goat uses

That was all you need to know about Goats in Minecraft. These majestic animals make climbing the steepest of cliffs easy, while their unpredictable temperament will constantly keep you on your toes. Also if you can make a goat crash into a block you can farm rare item Goat Horn in Minecraft.

How do Goats behave in Minecraft?

Goats in Minecraft are generally quite mild-mannered, yet unpredictable. They will not attack you even if you provoke them by harming them. However, they have been known to suddenly charge and ram gamers off mountain cliffs for no understandable reason. Goats in Minecraft choose to avoid Powder Snow whenever they come across it.

Goats move normally in Minecraft just like other animals. However, they have the ability to jump up to 10 blocks in the air whenever they feel the need to scale anything in the game. This unique power also lets the goats take 10 times less fall damage than the other animals in Minecraft.

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