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How To Get And Use Glow Ink Sac In Minecraft

A complete guide on everything you need to know about Glow Ink Sacs in Minecraft.

Glow Ink Sacs in Minecraft are one of the many new additions that have arrived in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. For the curious, here’s more about what are Glow ink sacs, how to get them and use them as well.

What are Glow Ink Sacs in Minecraft?


A Glow ink sac is an item that can be acquired from a glow squid upon its death. A glow squid is a unique variation of an ordinary squid. These squids glow when underwater, making them extremely attractive and beautiful to look at. They spawn in total darkness underwater in groups of 2-4. You can find these mobs in darker areas underwater.

How to get Glow Ink Sacs?

Glow ink sacs can be obtained by killing glow squids. Each glow squid drops anywhere from 1-3 glow ink sacs upon being killed. With each level of looting, the maximum amount of glow ink sacs dropped by a glow squid is increased.


How to use them?

The unique lighting power of glow ink sacs makes them a unique and much sought-after item by gamers. Check out the uses of Glow ink sacs below:

Glow Signs


  • Glow ink sacs can be used to make glow signs in Minecraft.
  • To make a signboard glow in Minecraft, all you need to do is first erect a signboard wherever you want. Add your text on the signboard too.
  • Once you’ve finished erecting the signboard, add the glow inc sac to your signboard.
  • And voila! You now have a glowing sign board in Minecraft!

glow inc sac sign

Glow Frames


  • Just like signboards, you can also make frames glow in Minecraft.
  • To make frames glow in Minecraft, first create a frame in the crafting menu.
  • Once you’ve created a frame, you can add the Glow ink sac to it and watch it glow!

minecraft glow inc sac frame

glow inc sac frame

And there you go. As you now know, Glow ink sacs are really cool aesthetic items that can be found in Minecraft.