Girl Cafe Gun Tier List & Reroll Guide: Best Characters Ranked

Here's a GCG tier list that ranks all the strongest girls with their forms in-game. You'll also learn how to perform a Reroll.

Girl Cafe Gun is finally out for mobile platforms and players have already begun searching for the best characters in-game which make it only natural for them to look for tier lists for reference and instructions on how to perform a reroll. The game revolves around fighting arch demons after surviving “Ionus”- an outbreak that’s wreaked havoc among the population. You do this while hiding in plain sight, running a cafe.

In Girl Cafe Gun, the first time a game has stuck so literally to their name currently has 12 playable girls that have boosted skill versions of themselves depending on what dresses or forms they’re in. In this tier list, we’ll walk through all the best girls and their strongest forms as we rank them from tiers S+ through C.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List – Best Girls in Their Strongest Forms and Dresses Ranked

girl cafe gun

Keep in mind that the game is only just out and this list is crafted based on our opinions on each girl’s in-game performance as well as her attributes. With that in mind, here are our best characters in Girl Cafe Gun Tier List for reroll:

The Tiers are represented as follows:

Tier Girl Form/Dress
S+ Shi Wuxia Tactical Equip
S+ Moon Casual
S+ Lida Casual
S+ Moon Swimsuit
S Irene Tactical Equip
S Yuki Tactical Equip
S Shi Wuyou Maid
S Cornelia Party Dress
S Moon Maid
S Ekistere Valentine
S Ekistere Swimsuit
S Su Xiaozhen Maid
S Shi Wuxia Defiler
A Cornelia Casual
A Rococo Maid
A Irene Maple
A Yuki Maid
A Lida Maid
A Grainne Casual
A Shi Xiaozhen Maid
A Juno Maid
A Shi Wuyou Casual
A Lida Casual
B Ekistere Casual
B Lida Tactical Equip
B Rococo Casual
B Grainne Training Suit
B Ekistere Maid
B Cornelia Maid
C Shi Wuyou Official Dress
C Grainne Party Dress
C Juno Casual
C Grainne Maid

What Do Our Different GCG Tier Ranks Mean?

  • S+ Tier – The most ideal and best-suited characters that are resourceful in almost all situations.
  • S Tier – Really great characters to have during battles that are tricky.
  • A Tier Good characters to use, slightly above average.
  • B Tier – Just fine characters, use them situationally.
  • C Tier Not a great idea to use these characters during tricky or even moderate battles.

We once again iterate that the above tier list corresponds to our opinions regarding character performances in-game. Furthermore, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reroll in GCG if you’re not satisfied with the pulls you’ve received.

How to Reroll in Girl Cafe Gun

girl cafe gun reroll

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a reroll of your character pulls in Girl Cafe Gun.

  1. Launch Girl Cafe Gun.
  2. Log in as a guest user.
  3. Sit through the tutorial.
  4. When prompted, enter a nickname of your preference.
  5. Complete until 1-6th.
  6. Once complete, you’ll get ten supply permits for free.
  7. You can now use these to get an additional pool of characters to pull.
  8. If your pull is unsatisfactory, just head out and go to the game’s settings on your phone.
  9. Head to storage and clear cache, then relaunch the game.
  10. Doing this will guarantee you at least one 4-star character.
  11. However, if you’re still not happy with your pull you can always follow the steps again until you get your preferred pull.

We hope this tier list and reroll guide was of assistance to you. If you like playing games on your mobile, check out these 10 best MOBA mobile games to play on Mobile.