FF16 Gil Farming Guide: How To Earn Money Fast

Use these fast money-making methods to earn Gil in Final Fantasy 16 and become rich.

Are you planning to buy the best accessories by farming Gil or Money in Final Fantasy 16? If yes, then this guide is what you need to refer to. Making money is not simple, but we need it almost everywhere for potions, materials, and more. Even fighting bosses without any potion and accessories backup is difficult. Thus, we have compiled all the fastest ways of earning or making money in FF16.

How to Make Gil Fast in Final Fantasy 16 (Money Farming Guide)

Earn Gil Fast in Final Fantasy 16

There are plenty of methods players can use to earn Gil (Money) in FF16. Some of them are either very time-consuming or reward low amounts, thus we have come up with a list of the fastest ways to make money in Final Fantasy XVI.

Equip Accessories That Increase Gil Earned

The Golden Testament and Cait Sith Charm are accessories you can equip to earn money faster in Final Fantasy 16. The Golden Testament increases Gil earned by 35% and can be bought from Charon’s Toll. Cait Sith Charm increases Gil earned by 25% and is a pre-order bonus.

Use Hunt Board Notorious Mark Bounties to Farm Money in FF16

Hunt Board monsters are classified into four ranks: S, A, B, and C. S Rank monsters are the toughest to defeat, but the returns are equally rewarding. To get access to this Hunt Board feature, you must first complete the Gathering Storm quest. As you advance in the main story more Notorious enemies will get added to the Hunt Board.

There are a total of 32 Notorious monsters that start from Ahriman and end with The Grim Reaper, Prince of Death. S Rank monsters like The Breaker of Worlds, The Tricephalic Terror, and Ruin Reawakened reward 20000 – 30000 Gil and 50 – 60 Renown. Even the weakest C Rank monsters allow farming 5000 and more Money or Gil in Final Fantasy 16.

Complete Side Quests and Sell Unwanted Materials

Side quests give plenty of materials and money. You can sell some of the items you won by completing quests to earn Gil in return. Apart from side quests, you also get materials by hunting.

If this Gil or Money farming guide for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) was helpful to you, read how to build up Renown. Also, check our other Final Fantasy XVI guides to progress faster.

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