Hello Kitty Island Adventure: Best Gifts For All Characters

Not sure which characters like what in Hello Kitty Island Adventure? This gift guide will help you out.

The best way to make friends in Hello Kitty Adventure Island is to give them gifts they like. While you are on your journey to restore an abandoned island, making new friends can make the process all the more fun. These characters can give you many items that you may need in the future. And while talking and giving them things can help you keep your friendship with them. Why not spend a bit of extra time knowing them and exactly what they like? So here is a gift guide to help you become friends with all characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Best Gifts in Hello Kitty Island Adventure for each Character

Best Gifts For All Characters In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

In case you don’t want to spoil the immersion, you can directly ask the character you want to be friends with what they like. Sure they won’t directly tell you what gift they want but this conversation will give you a basic idea about their preferences. But if you would rather spend that item getting those gifts, then here is what you should give to each character:

  • Badtz-maru
    • Pizza
    • Water Balloon crafted using rubber
  • Chococat
    • Ancient Inventions – You can make one using Mechanism or Blank book.
  • Cinnamoroll
    • Coffee or Chocolate Drink – You can use the Espresso Machine to craft it.
  • Hangyodon
    • Fish
  • Hello Kitty
    • Strawberry Shortcake – Use Strawberry & Flour to make it.
    • Mama’s Apple Pie – Use Apple & Flour to make it.
  • Keroppi
    • Pumpkin Spiceler
    • Lily Frog
    • Grassy Glowbuddy
    • Orchid Glowbuddy
  • Kuromi
    • Jack-O-Lantern – You can craft it using Pumpkin.
  • My Melody
    • Strawberry
    • Macaron
    • Swampmallow
    • Candy Cloud
  • Pekkle
    • Calming Crystal
    • Music Box
  • Pochaccho
    • Spinip
    • Tofu
  • Pompompurin
    • Pudding made from Cactus cream & coral milk.
  • Tuxedosam
    • Tropical Gift made using a Gift Box and Sand Dollar.

Depending on the item, you could purchase it or you may have to buy its items and manually craft them.

Now using this gift guide, you should have no problem making new friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. For more help on other such games don’t forget to check out our Mobile games section!