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Lost Ark: How To Get The Giant Wheat Sack & Its Location

Trying to prepare the Regria White Bread? You need to get the Giant Wheat Sack in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, you need to get the Giant Wheat Sack if you plan on making the Regria White Bread. Completing this recipe adds to your Adventurer’s Tome. But before I digress to the Adventurer’s Tome and Rethramis let us get back to Regria White Bread. This recipe won’t require just the wheat sack it also uses silver. So in this guide let us quickly check the location of Giant Wheat Sack in Lost Ark and how to get it.

How to Get Giant Wheat Sack in Lost Ark


lost ark giant wheat sack location
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You can get the Giant Wheat Sack in this game outside the Farms in Prideholme at Arthemis Continent. Below is the location of Wheat Sack.

  1. Go to Prideholme.
  2. After talking to the Cook Hely, go east.
  3. Next head south towards the farms.
  4. Near the farms, you will find some sacks of ingredients. You can spot these sacks next to the cows.
  5. Go there and click on the Investigate icon.
  6. Your character will start rummaging on the ground.
  7. Once it is over you will get the Giant Wheat Sack.


Since you need it for the Regria Wheat Bread, let us also learn about it.

Regria Wheat Bread Recipe

You can get this recipe from Hely. Below is where you can find her.


  1. Head to Prideholme in Rethramis.
  2. Go to the southwestern part of this area.
  3. You can find an NPC outside a food stall. This NPC is Hely, interact with her.
  4. A popup will show you three different foods, click on Regria White Bread.
  5. Hover over it to learn its ingredients.
  6. To prepare this bread you need:
    • Giant Wheat Sack: 1
    • Silver: 1400

That covers everything you should know about how to get the Giant Wheat Sack in Lost Ark & its location. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our Lost Ark section. Here you can find help on all sorts of topics like character classes tier list, engravings tier list. and the best card sets & how to build decks.