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Ghostrunner Demo Tests: Cyberpunk, Ninja, and Ray Tracing

Description of a new Ghostrunner game

The mix of parkour, ray tracing, ninja style, and cyberpunk create the new Ghostrunner movie-based game on the Unreal Engine. It combines Mirror’s Edge approaches with the Blade Runner aesthetic. Nighttime, glass, metal, and rain are the ideal environment for the ray tracing and ideal conditions for viewing the RT functions provided by the Epic Games engine. The first impressions of Eurogamer reporters suggest that the technology is very promising, although still needs some development and optimization.

The Ghostrunner demo, which can be downloaded on Steam, is an advanced training mode that introduces the player to the basics of game mechanics. It will teach you how to run, jump, slide on walls, and climb to earn points. It also demonstrates the mechanics of concentration in the spirit of the Matrix, which allows you to evade fire, and then bring the katana down on the heads of enemies.


Ghostrunner from Mirror’s Edge is distinguished by a mechanic designed so that killing does not slow down the character and its speedy run. The game also encourages experimentation through the use of a quick restart mechanism. Death is a constant companion in Ghostrunner, but at the touch of a button, the hero instantly returns to the previous point.

But the most interesting is, of course, the possibility of hardware acceleration of ray tracing in real-time. This is the second project using the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 RT. The first project was Deliver Us The Moon from Keoken Interactive and Wired Productions. And it is still in experimental mode. It is worth saying that the performance costs of ray tracing effects are very high. In the tests of journalists, the frame rate, as a rule, decreased by 64%. But the functions are experimental, and developers have many opportunities to optimize the situation.

In general, the Ghostrunner demo impressed journalists. The game looks beautiful from a visual point of view and it offers fresh and interesting gameplay mechanics. It remains to wait for the release of the full version to fully appreciate the game.


Source: Eurogamer