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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update 3.0 Available Now, Patch Size Detailed

Ubisoft has stared the maintenance work for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 3.0 today. The changelog tells you what to expect afterward.

Ubisoft will today release the extensive update 3.0 for Ghost Recon Breakpoint and, in the process, carry out maintenance work on the servers. For this purpose, the servers are shut down at the moment.

After two hours the maintenance should be over and you can download the corresponding Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 3.0. It’s about the same size on all platforms. Ubisoft published the following overview:

Patch size:

  • PC: 7.19 GB
  • Xbox One: 7.19 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 7.00 GB

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update 3.0 brings various improvements with it. The word “problem” appears almost 70 times in the patch notes, so you can expect many problems that may have plagued you to be a thing of the past. The complete changelog for the new update can be found on the linked page of Ubisoft.

The start of Operation: Red Patriot is also part of the update 3.0 features. The trigger is Trey Stone Raven’s Rocks’ request to a Russian separatist group and its agents to plan attacks on US soil. Ubisoft promises a branched storyline and optional mission objectives.

Players can try two free missions first and then buy the entire operation. Year 1 Pass holders get the ten missions of the operation at no additional cost. Once the missions are completed, you can unlock 26 rewards.

Also included are:

  • A new class available exclusively to Year 1 Pass holders for a week. The scout class lets you control a rogue Azrael Drone through the special ability Armaros Interface.
  • PvP updates bring a new map, three new missions, and adjustments for the Boy Scout class.

The update 3.0 also adds 65 new items to Maria’s shop, including weapons, bundles, vehicles, and more.