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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Hands-On & First Impressions – Open Beta

Hardcore Military Action

After spending around 100+hours in The Division 2, I was curious about Breakpoint’s gameplay, thanks to Ubisoft, after visiting the studio I had an exclusive chance to experience the game. When I tested out the Assualt category for the first time handling a rifle in a co-op mission of 4 lead by an experienced player who sorted our issues with controls I was not satisfied enough. The weapon recoil was too high, hated the injuries system, enemies were too tough, drones and automated armored vehicles added more to the frustration. I discussed things in Breakpoint that I found were not optimized, and the reply was it’s an incomplete build the final edition will be a lot better than this one.

Finally, I tested it back in the Open Beta and this time the experience was widely different. Breakpoint is an amazing tactical shooter game, it is more realistic and competitive according to my viewpoint. Those who had played Division 2, know very well how much grinding the game demands but its actually fun. A well-balanced load-out means everything here, you are free to pick the gears, weapons and a gadget that gives you a superpower to detect enemies or assist you in the battle for a while. Mods help you to make your weapon stronger and better, character progression defines are you ready-enough to face stronger enemies or not.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint goes to the next level this time, the things that were frustrating at the test during exclusive press coverage now interesting + challenging. The injury system will force you to strategize your moves, enemies are stronger, smarter and equipped with the latest tech. Being a Ghost, an elite soldier Breakpoint will put in the shoes of a pro. Everything in Breakpoint seems accurate to some extent, entire Auroa territory is lethal, filled with guards and surveillance drone. You will love to sneak using prone camo and hit down the enemies.

I tried killing the wolves the toughest soldiers in Breakpoint at the very beginning of the game using a rifle and prone camo only and it really worked but it took time. The only way to kill someone high above your level is a headshot and not getting detected. If you do not believe me here is the video.


This is the fastest way to level and earn Skill Points, an important aspect of your character progression. Skill point unlocks new abilities giving you a chance to get ahead of enemies, like a skill will help you to enable thermal vision, or make drone detection tougher. Some skills will make you a pro in explosives while some will enhance the capacity to carry more items. Consumables are important and when you are taking a syringe or bandage to heal find a good spot.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an extensive game, you can ride an armored vehicle or a bike to cover large distance. Also, you can fly a chopper and avoid all the disturbance in your path to land directly on the main mission. Graphics is simply great and I found more and more challenges after moving ahead.


Marking down enemies is one the best way to avoid a direct attack, still, if you shoot one all the other around are alerted and they do not wait behind in cover. Stronger enemies when they detect you one bullet and you are out, this where prone camo turns into vital survival tactics in Breakpoint. And I had not been into gadgets yet.

I am definitely looking forward to playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint and will recommend this game.