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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Year 1 Content Details

What is New during Year 1

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is bringing up a new competitive play where you will be in the shoes of elite soldiers taking down another group of elite soldiers. A Ghost vs. Ghost, armed with the latest tech will be tracked down and hunted till the last breath. With a diverse map and open-world scenario, players can benefit from the environment and play in a team of 4 together to complete action-packed missions.

All will be trapped in Aurora, a sea-locked island where only shooting will not work. Home of advance tech, there are armed drones, shield weapons, and gun-bots who do not wait for any order to shoot. The Wolves, an ex-US military unit is on a mission to take down the island back and this where the fight begins. Breakpoint is loaded with fresh challenges, it is tougher when the injuries take places causing mobility issues and affecting the overall accuracy of a player.


Picking Breakpoint as the next big title in the game library, it is exciting to learn about the  Year 1 content that will be landed soon after the release. Here is complete detail on Breakpoint Year 1 content launch.

Episode 1 – Operation Greenstone: Between Oct 2019 to Jan 2020

Year 1 will have 3 Episodes. Episode 1 – Operation Greenstone will be available after launch and the first raid Project Titan will be available between Oct 4 to January 2020. A free four-player objective free for all players.


Live Events:

New Live Events will also be taking place with each Year 1 Episode that will remain active for a month. There will be special guest participating in the Live Event, like the Terminator in the first Event. It focuses on a new narrative on T-800 who comes from the future. Players will unlock new Weapons, Attachments, Vehicles, and Customizations after completing the event. If you skip the event you can continue with the campaign, but you will not get the Event-specific rewards.

Engineer Class:


Engineer Class which focuses more on the tech part will be the first to come in Breakpoint after launch. It will be a free class for all years. But Year 1 Pass holders will have special benefits, they can get this a week early and does not require to pay any skill points.

Faction Missions:

Two narrative mission will be available every three weeks that will allow players to evolve every faction in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Players will have 25 daily missions access every day.


Episode 2: Between Feb  2020 to May 2020

The second Episode will hit after Jan 2020 bringing up some fresh new challenges for players.

Deep State:

It is a new adventure where players can participate in 5 hours of extended gameplay that will expand the campaign. The main story will get 5 hours of more new content, but only the first hour will be available for all players. Year 1 Pass Holder will get the full five hours adventure of Deep State. But do not worry you can still play the completely new story by finding a Year 1 pass holder friend. You just have to ask him to invite you for co-op and you can complete all the missions and earn some exclusive adventure rewards.

Project Titan Raide was first unlocked during Episode 1 and now in this event, there will be an update coming up for the raid. There will be a new Special Event similar to Episode 1 that will unlock new weapons, vehicles, and customizations. There will be a new Special Class for all users, Year 1 Pass holder will be access one-week early. More coming for Faction Mission and PvP.

Episode 3: Between June 2020 to Sep 2020

The final episode with packed up with more new fresh updates and unlocks for players of Breakpoint.


New Adventure Transcendence will be unlocked during this period adding 5 hours of extended gameplay to the main campaign. Similar to Episode 2, the first hour is free for all, while Year 1 pass holder can unlock the entire adventure. If you do not hold year one pass then find a friend and play in co-op to unlock similar rewards.

Episode 3 will bring new in Raid, Special Events, Class, Factions Missions and more. More details on this are pending to come out.