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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Weapons – Top Guns To Look For

Find these weapons and you will be unstoppable

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a harsh game, it won’t let you to barge into a group of guards jump here and there and kill them. The difficulty level on Regular is good enough to put in the pit of death if you are playing without friends. There are drones, turrets, armed guards, armored machine gunners, choppers, etc. It is quite important to understand what weapon you are carrying with you, Best weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint means everything. A perfect loadout that can give you enough power to deal with a crowd of rogue soldiers. In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons guide I will give you a list of tops guns, find them, upgrade them and use them again and again. You will definitely find a lot easier to fight compare to picking up any other weapon.

Three Important Aspects of Weapons in Breakpoint


There are three important aspects of finding weapons in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, below are all three necessary things to look into a weapon and make it better.

Breakpoint Weapon Stats

Weapon Stats:


The first box on the left shows stats, this will give you the accurate details on various attributes of the weapons like Accuracy, Handling, Range, Mobility, Recoil and more. The higher the stats the better weapon is. You can add MK1 upgrades by collecting weapon parts to get a better range, lower recoil, and accuracy. This can also be enhanced using

Upgrades and Passive Bonus:

The Upgrade sections will help you to increase weapon stats along with a Passive Bonus. This is where you will need to dismantle the existing low-power weapons and gather more and more items. This will be unlocked as you progress in the game.



Weapon Attachments are a very important aspect of guns in Breakpoint, they offer you tons of extra benefits like better stability, low recoil, higher ammo capacity, the long-range scope for best accurate shots, etc. When you have new attachements you can check them here in the third section on the right, equip them and make your weapon the best one in Breakpoint.

After all these there are gears, your helmet, gloves, pants, shoes, etc. All these gears also carry additional buffs like health regen, stamina regen, high mobility, etc. There are two skills that will help you to upgrade weapons from MK.1 to MK.2 and to finally MK.3 the most high-end tier.  To know more about this read our guide on how to upgrade weapons from MK1 to MK2 & M3 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Weapon can be found in the chest, there are different tiers indicating the rarity like Blue or Purple. The best loots are hidden in the military sectors where you have to face guards, snipers, etc.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Assault Rifle – ASR


AK47 is a versatile assault rifle, it is best if you need something powerful enough to shoot down guards in one shot. With high penetration, AK47 gives a decent range and handling. It lacks in Recoil, otherwise, all other attributes are above average, especially the range and handling that matters the most if you need a weapon to shoot while running. AK47 is in a chest located behind a Behemoth Defence area in the northeast of Fen Bogg (Holmwood Mangrove). During the Beta session I was lucky to get this one in the first chest after the game begins. But in the full edition, there was a different gun.


Tavor is about mobility, A weapon that comes with Accuracy + Handling + Mobility + Recoil. All these stats are above 50% offer you a perfect all arounder weapon for close combat. AK47 on the other side is best for range, if you want to hide and take headshots, then you cannot miss it with AK47, but when you are in a region where you can easily get surrounded then you need something like Tavor.


I cannot ignore 416 at all costs, there is a higher tier weapon of the same category but still, after upgrades, I found 416 a little more comfortable weapon in Breakpoint. It offers high Accuracy, Handling, and Range. The weapon needs upgrades, or else you cannot get enough power from it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Sniper – SNR


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is all about stealth gameplay, being along on the lethal island demands patience, strategy, and accuracy. Raising an alert is calling death. So here Sniper is one of the best weapons you must always carry, in Breakpoint you can carry three weapons, a primary weapon, secondary and a side-arm like a pistol. Sniper will sit in the secondary slot. Scorpio is one of the best sniper guns in Breakpoint, because of its high range and accuracy. The accuracy is almost above 90%, which means a way to high than any other sniper we found in the game. Plus it adds a high range, but it is poor in handling and mobility. That can be managed, you just need a good spot to mark down all the guards and then take them down one by one. If you are using Sharpshooter class then by pressing L1 + R1 you can activate a special technique that loads high penetration bullets that can destroy turrets, drones, choppers, etc.


TAC50 carries similar stats to Scorpio, a good replacement if you are unable to get the above one. This one is a powerful weapon with high Accuracy + Range. It is ideal if you are playing solo and require a good range to attack guards from a distance. Upgrade this weapon to reduce recoil so that you can take multiple shoots.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Sub-Machine Gun – SMG


MP5 is an advanced SMG, a purple rarity weapon ideal for crowd control. It is almost best in all stats, giving you an all arounder benefit of machine gun + not killing the mobility and accuracy with recoil. This weapon gives you high power, that means you can take down armored soldiers pretty easily with it, but Breakpoint does not allow us to carry a Rifle and a Machine gun side by side, instead you can choose between a Sniper and Machine whenever you want. Thankfully you can shift loadouts in between while playing the game. So if you need a submachine gun then try out MP5.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Handgun – HDG

Desert Eagle:

I do not really focus on a side-arm much, but when you are carrying someone like hiding a body you cannot use your primary or secondary weapon. You will need a good handgun at that time so look for Desert Eagle. It gives you good Accuracy, Handling, Range and high mobility. A ideal weapon to use when you are injured and cannot move fast, pull out the handgun and shoot on the head of any moving thing around.

There are still more weapons in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, these are some we spotted soon and found good enough to progress in the game.