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How To Upgrade Weapons In Ghost Recon Breakpoint – MK1 to MK2 to MK3

Highest Level Weapons

Weapons fall in three upgrade categories in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, starting from Mk.1, there are two more upgrade tiers Mk.2 and Mk.3. The last one is the highest upgrade tier, from these three weapon upgrade cateogires two are locked and can be unlocked through the Skill Tree. After unlocking it you have to farm good weapon parts to take the weapon to the next level. In this Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons upgrade guide, I will clear all your doubts on how to upgrade a gun from Mk.1 to Mk.2 and to the last Mk.3 tier. What is needed and is it very hard to upgrade weapons in Breakpoint?

What is required to Upgrade Weapons in Breakpoint?


When you start thinking about upgrades the first thing you have to do is salvage weapon parts. These parts are your way to upgrade and it can be founded through easy or tough ways both. You will need parts like Gun Parts, Metal Parts, Standard Weapons parts, followed by Improved, Advanced and high-end weapon parts. The same is applicable to gears. The fastest way to get parts is by Dismantling the weapons and gears in the loadout menu, just access the weapon category, for example, Primary weapon where all your rifles sit. Pick on that you are not going to use and dismantle it, it will give you three parts. You can do the same with the Gears section also, keep on doing this regularly to gee enough parts in the inventory so that you can craft them whenever needed.

Gun parts can be pulled out by dismantling weapons, metal parts can also come through that. Standard weapon parts can be salvaged from grey weapons, improved form green, advanced from blue, high-end from purple and elite from yellow weapons. You have to keep on scanning for new blueprints and so you can unlock better weapons and salvage better parts. The same works for gears.

Tips to Farm Weapon Parts


You can farm weapon parts by destroying drones, the issue is if you are in a heavily guarded area and you found on, it is not easy to salvage items. In my experience, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not an game for solo, it is tough and Ubisoft is still working on AI Teammates. The developer has promised to implement them in the coming time, and it will be of really great benefit. The AI is pretty tough, once spotted almost every soldier, drone, chopper runs towards you, that is tough.

So here you can start farming weapon parts from drones where you can get parts for standard weapons. There are also Convoys moving around in the region, these carry some loots but it is not easy to find them regularly.

How To Upgrade from Mk.1 to Mk.2 to Mk.3


Skill three has Mark Upgrade section on the right end in the first tier. Upgrade cost is 2 and 4 Skill points. You will need to unlock this first and then finding higher weapon parts is a tiring task. Gunsmith menu is simple to understand, but getting items in the game is a little tough. You have to keep dismantling existing weapons to gather parts or lookout for convoys and drones for better items.