How To Get Unlimited Supplies In Ghost Of Tsushima (Infinite Supplies Glitch)

Using this Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Farming glitch, you can farm unlimited Supplies and Steel easily. Plus, use a specific charm to upgrade and get maximum benefits! Read more in this guide.

Ghost of Tsushima players can now take advantage of a glitch that can give them infinite Supplies. Through this method, you can get to farming Steel and Supplies thereby getting the maximum benefit in the game. Don’t know how to use this Unlimited Supplies in Ghost of Tsushima exploit? Look no further because we will break it down for you in this guide.

Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Supplies Farming

The first thing you should do is get the charm called Charm of Inari. In order to get your hands on it, you have to visit the Arrow Peak Shrine which is in Izuhara. When you visit the specific location, begin praying at the shrine. Doing this will earn you the Charm of Inari. This charm is no ordinary one – it will increase the amounts of Supplies, Predator Hides, Bamboo and Yew Wood which can turn out to be very helpful. Go ahead and equip this when you get it.

The second step is to enter Mongol camps and take out the enemies you encounter. Save the game and then loot chests to get Supplies and Steel. Now here’s the trick: Go ahead and fast travel to that same location or restart from the last checkpoint. You will respawn and notice that there’s a chest at the same place packed with loot. You will still have your previous loot so you don’t have to worry. This exploit is based on an error in checkpoint reload and by utilizing it, you can get rich quickly.

That’s how you get unlimited supplies in Ghost of Tsushima – simply get to all the locations (like the Traveler’s Rest Inn) where there are chests and follow the trick mentioned above. With this simple exploit, your infinite supplies farming will be successful!

So, this was the fastest way to farm unlimited supplies in Ghost of Tsushima. Use this along with the Charm of Inari and get the bonus. For more such helpful tips, check our Ghost of Tsushima guides.