Ghost of Tsushima Will Have Several Difficulty Modes, Sucker Punch Confirms

One of the most talked-about games for PS4 last week was Ghost of Tsushima after The Last of Us Part II. The game was presented in the State of Play with 18 minutes of gameplay and it left many positive impressions, but also many questions.

One of the most popular questions was related to the difficulty modes of Ghost of Tsushima, will it be a difficult game like Dark Souls or much easier? Well, Jason Connell of Sucker Punch has somehow answered the question, and according to his words there will be different levels of difficulty.

It was possibly the best choice to make, but according to Jason there is a very specific reason behind this decision. Speaking to The Washington Post website, the creative director states that the difficulty levels of Ghost of Tsushima serve to make the work known to the public as far as possible, because it will allow you to live a personalized experience based on your gaming skills.

The creative director also specifies that it is still an extra effort, in fact they had to balance the gameplay for each selectable difficulty. He also added that they absolutely did not want a player to feel discouraged, perhaps after 15 minutes of play because of the difficulty, but they still gave those who want to play the title in a decidedly demanding way.

In any case, Ghost of Tsushima will not be a difficult game like Dark Souls, at least in its normal mode. But we must see what changes there will be with the increase in difficulty, will it only increase the damage of the enemies or maybe we will see them fight even more aggressively?

In addition, it was also confirmed at the latest State of Play that there will be further news to be seen regarding Ghost of Tsushima before its arrival on the shelves and on the digital market.

Recall that Ghost of Tsushima will release on 17 July exclusively on PS4.