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Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer & New Game Plus Available on October 16

Today Sucker Punch announced the release date of Update 1.1 for Ghost of Tsushima. In addition to the extensive co-op multiplayer, another game plus mode and several new functions for the main game await you.

Sucker Punch announced today when the next update for the feudal action-adventure Ghost of Tsushima will be released and what new content awaits you. The update will be available free of charge and will be extremely large. For this occasion, the new content will come on October 16th, for your information (FYI).

Among other things, the long-awaited multiplayer mode called Legends comes into play. This is a cooperative multiplayer expansion that is made available to all Ghost of Tsushima buyers. You will also be spared from microtransactions.

As soon as you have downloaded Update 1.1, you can download “Legends” for free from the PlayStation Store. All you need is a plus membership.

In multiplayer mode you will be able to choose from four different classes:

  • Samurai: These are particularly suitable for an open exchange of blows.
  • Hunter: Those who prefer to attack from a distance should choose the hunter.
  • Ronin: Players in this class have the ability to revive teammates and summon a ghost dog.
  • Assassin: An assassin can teleport through the game world and deal with enormous damage with a single attack.

There are three different mission types available to you. In the story missions, the two of you throw yourself into battle, in which the legendary events of the island of Tsushima are discussed. You always have to unlock higher levels of difficulty in order to receive better rewards and meet new characters. In survival missions, you compete with up to four players in order to confront numerous hordes of opponents and thereby defend various locations in Tsushima.

Another mode called Raid will be submitted a few weeks later. This is a “three-part adventure” in which you also compete with four players and have to work closely together in order to survive.

In addition to the extensive multiplayer mode, the so-called New Game Plus mode awaits you. This is available to all gamers who have completed the main game. With all your skills and equipment you can start a new game and face a higher level of difficulty. You will also receive numerous new rewards, including a horse with a bright red mane and other trophies.

A new type of flower called “Ghost Flowers” can also be found in this mode. If you have already completed an activity, you will receive a ghost flower instead of the reward you have already received. You can exchange these for various objects at the dealer.

There is also other new content. With the new update, armor equipment is available to you that allows you to switch between your equipment more quickly, a display of your playing time with the respective save status and new functions in photo mode.

You can watch the trailer of the new update below: