Ghost of Tsushima ESRB Rating Promises Blood, Exposed Buttocks & More

The gamers now know that most video game products have to go through some sort of classification body, and even for Ghost of Tsushima this important step is touched.

A few hours after the Sucker Punch title entered the gold phase, the American rating agency of ESRB has classified Ghost of Tsushima with the symbol “M for Mature” (that is, from seventeen years upwards). This sort of classification would seem to have been assigned for blood and gore, intense violence, and even partial nudity.

Below, you can check the official description provided by the official ESRB website:

This is an action game in which players assume the role of a samurai (Jin Sakai) on a quest for vengeance against Mongol invaders in 13th century Japan. Players traverse open-world environments, interact with characters, complete quests (e.g., assassination), and infiltrate enemy strongholds. Players use samurai swords, poisoned darts, and bows to battle enemies in melee-style combat. Some attacks result in dismemberment and/or decapitation of enemy soldiers, often accompanied by large blood-splatter effects. Players can also perform assassination kills (e.g., neck stabbing, sword impalement) to dispatch enemies quietly. Cutscenes depict additional acts of intense violence: a soldier lit on fire and beheaded; bound civilians lit on fire and burned at the stake; a decapitated man’s head held up towards the screen. The game also depicts a man’s exposed buttocks as he bathes in a hot spring.

Even though the title of Ghost of Tsushima has not earned the dreaded “A” for adults only, we can see how the product appears to be very violent both in its composition and structure. We will therefore most likely see this expected title with the PEGI 18+ classification in European and Japanese countries.

Recall that Ghost of Tsushima will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 17 July 2020.