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Ghost of Tsushima Ending Explained

[SPOILER ALERT] - Have you reached to the point where you are ready to explore what happens in the end of Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima is the tale of Jin Sakai, a Samurai who is forced to save his island of Tsushima from the Mongol invasion. Jin spends the entire story of Ghost of Tsushima taking down enemies,  as he has to find novel ways to save his home and people. If you want to know how the ending unfolds in Ghost of Tsushima, check this guide out.

Ghost of Tsushima Ending Explained

Jin’s epic tale begins with him fighting against the Mongols remaining the last of the Samurais to survive, while his honorable ways fail to be enough to protect his land and his people.

Fight Against Khotun Khan

Jin has to let go of his honor and use the ways of stealth and dark arts, and defeat the enemies that Khotun Khan has sent to occupy Japan.

khotun khan ghost of tsushima

The island of Tsushima stands between South Korea and Japan and this is where the story of the game takes place. Now when you get to the ending in Ghost of Tsushima, you will have your battle against Khotun Khan and his legion of followers.

Your objective is to stop him from leaving the island and kill every last remaining Mongol on the island. After taking down the now depleted Mongol army, Jin finally approaches Khan and they have a battle to the death, that takes place on a ship.

jin burning ship ghost of tsushima

After defeating him and setting the ship on fire, Jin has to face the consequences of his actions. His abandonment of honor and the Samurai code results in him being expelled from his village and the estate.

Fight Against Lord Shimura

Lord Shimura, Jin Sakai’s uncle takes him to the final resting place of Jin’s parents. After paying their respect Jin and his uncle engage in the last battle of the game.

ghost of tsushima burial place

After defeating Lord Shimura, you are left with two choices either to kill him or spare his life. Both these decisions are very emotional and you can choose either.

If Jin spares his uncle’s life, Lord Shimura says that he will be hunted down for the rest of his life by the Samurais for breaking the code and turning the people of Tsushima against the Lord and fight for their lives. Jin then is forced to live in exile while still hunting down the Mongols as the Ghost.

ghost of tsushima lord shimura final boss

If Jin ends up killing his uncle, he promises his uncle to always honor his name and to carry his legacy all throughout his life, but still, has to live the rest of his life in exile as the estate and everything that once belonged to him has now been taken over by the new Samurais coming in to save the island.

This is how the story about Jin in Ghost of Tsushima ends, it is a beautiful tale that is well crafted and Sucker Punch delivered a classic Japanese tale that is woven in history but also takes some creative liberties for narrative purposes.

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