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Is Minecraft Shutting Down? (2023)

Are the rumors about Minecraft being shut down true? Find out here.

Minecraft is a game that has enjoyed long-term popularity because of its unique graphics and engaging gameplay. Many a times, rumors start circulating about certain games shutting down and Minecraft isn’t any different. So, is Minecraft getting shut down in 2023? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Minecraft Shutting Down?

minecraft earth shut down

The answer is no, Minecraft isn’t shutting down any time soon. You don’t have to worry because your favorite game is going to stay online, possibly for a very long time. The game released in 2011 and is still going strong. If you saw any information like ‘Minecraft is shutting down their servers on December 21st’ – it’s just a rumor or a prank.

But, Minecraft Earth has actually shut down in June 2021 which is why many players got concerned about Minecraft shutting down. In case you weren’t aware, it was a free to play game based on augmented reality (AR) for mobile. The spin-off game was all about going to real life places to gathering materials to build structures.

It was shut down due to the COVID 19 restrictions on outdoor movement. The developers have officially removed all content as well as service support for the game. On the 1st of July, they deleted Minecraft Earth player data that was not related to Character Creator and Minecoin entitlements.

The players who had a remaining balance of Rubies didn’t go empty handed, though. They got Minecoins and Bedrock edition as well. Players would be able to use the Minecoins to buy skins, texture packs, maps as well as minigames.

Due to the similarities in the gameplay, many players thought that the main game was closing down but thankfully, that’s not the case. The original game is thriving and how. More than 125 million players play Minecraft monthly which is a mind-blowing number to say the least. The pandemic ended up giving the game a surge of sales and hence, players. By May 2020, they sold more than 200 million copies .

I hope that solves your query of Minecraft getting shut down in 2023 or not. You can continue playing the game without worry and if you need any help while you are at it, we’ve got you covered. Know some hidden tips and tricks in our Minecraft guides section.