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How To Get Yunaka In Fire Emblem Engage?

Here is how you can recruit Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage is now live reviving all the fun from the franchise. While embarking on a journey to defeat the Fell Dragon, you will be squaring off against multiple enemies. There is no way you would want to lose any battle, PS – there is tons of action in this game. It is important for you to constantly upgrade and strengthen yourself and your Unit. Similarly, ensure that you are recruiting new characters and adding them to your army on a regular basis. Among all the characters, Yunaka can prove to be a helpful addition as well. Although, how to recruit her? Don’t worry, here is a guide that features the steps to get Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage.


How to Recruit Yunaka in FE Engage?

Yunaka shows up at the beginning of Chapter 6 – The Stolen Ring. She automatically gets unlocked once you have successfully completed Chapter 6.

How To Get Yunaka In Fire Emblem Engage

Now that you know how to unlock Yunaka, here is everything you should know about her:

  • Class – Yunaka begins her journey as a Thief Class Character in FE Engage. With an S Tier Proficiency, Yunaka is an expert in using a Dagger in FE Engage, thanks to her Covert Battle Style.
  • Skills – Yunaka possesses a +5 Dexterity which bolsters her Critical Rate.
  • Best Gifts for Yunaka in FE Engage – Training Weights, Muscle Balm, Sharp Chisel, Poetry Book, Elyos History, Horn, Utility Knife, Fancy Dagger, Bandages, Spirit Gem.
  • Best EmblemLeif is one of the best Emblem for Yunaka as it can help her to deal higher critical damage with multiple weapons using the Quadruple Hit Skill.

Yunaka Stats in FE Engage:

Stats Level
HP 25
Strength 8
Magic 5
Dexterity 14
Speed 12
Defense 9
Resistance 7
Luck 8
Build 5

That covers everything you should know about Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage. While you are here, make sure to check out our guides on the Unit Tier List. In addition, make sure to go through our FE Engage Guides for more such content.