How To Get Xbox Live On Xbox One?

Follow this guide to learn how to get Xbox live gold on your Xbox one

The Xbox live gold subscription is a must for most Xbox one players. With the service explicitly required to play multiplayer game modes, it’s important to get it for your Xbox one.
The guide below will list out the steps required to get yourself an Xbox live gold subscription.

How to Get Xbox Live Gold on Xbox

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Here’s how to get Xbox Live on Xbox One:

  •  Log onto your Xbox account and head to the store option.
  •  Select the “Memberships” option in the store.
  •  The “Get Xbox Live Gold” banner should appear right at the top.
  •  Click on it.
  •  You will be directed to a page with subscription options – select the one best suited to your preference.
  • You can redeem a code if you have one right now, otherwise, just click “Join”.
  •  The checkout page will load, complete the process and you now have XBOX Live Gold!
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for deals that drop some really good discounts and add-ons.
  • Additionally, you can even get higher subscriptions for a lower price if you’re lucky enough.

What does Xbox live Gold include?
The subscription currently offers you the multiplayer gaming mode. This enables you to connect with people in-game and play along with or against each other. In addition to this- you get 2 game titles every month until the duration of the subscription ends. To add to the aforementioned, the plan offers you discounts and deals on select titles in the Microsoft store. The subscription is in reality a requirement to play multiplayer games. The exception to this is a game that’s free-to-play. As announced by Microsoft, free-to-play titles no longer require the multiplayer mode. This means you can play a free-to-play game in the multiplayer mode without a subscription.

There you have it! This guide was meant to assist you in getting an Xbox live gold subscription for your Xbox One. If you liked this guide, be sure to check out other guides for Xbox!