How To Get TNT In Royal Match

Wondering how you can easily get and use TNT in Royal Match? Here is everything you need to know.

In Royal Match players can level up by completing puzzles. You will have to perform specific in-game activities and collect coins, in order to help King Robert restore his castle. As you progress through the game, these puzzles keep getting tougher. Each puzzle will have Goals you will need to complete. To win each level, you can make use of power-ups. This feature can immensely help you save your moves. One of the most effective power-ups is called the TNT, in this guide, we will learn how you can get and use them to level up faster.

How to Get & Use TNT in Royal Match

How To Get And Use TNT In Royal Match

Using TNT while solving puzzles, can help you clear out tiles that fall within a two-mile radius. You can recognize this item easily as it is shaped like a barrel, and looks like it is about to explode.

To get a TNT, all you have to do is try to match 5 of the same items together. However, you won’t get this explosive barrel if you pair same-colored items in a row. It will blow up only when it is arranged in an L or T shape. Apart from this, if you match two of the TNT barrels, the explosion will have a double effect, clearing a ton of tiles in one shot. To get rid of a bigger chunk of tiles, you can use the following power-ups with TNT:

  • TNT + Rocket – This combination will help you get rid of three rows and three columns of tiles.
  • TNT + Light Ball – This combination will help you make the Light Ball turn the most common colored items, into a TNT.

This is everything you need to know in order to get and use TNT in Royal Match. If you want to get tips on how you can level up fast, make sure to check out how you can get the Super Light Ball and All Royal Match Cheat Codes, available here on Gamer Tweak.