V Rising: How To Get And Use Pollen

Learn how to get and use Pollen in V Rising by check out our guide.

In the new update of the game, you can get Pollen in V Rising for the first time. And you’d be glad to know it can be obtained with almost no efforts. However, as it is a new item in the game, we have explained how you can use Pollen in V Rising. All you have to do is check out our guide and you’ll be on your way to collecting this material in the game.

How to Get Pollen in V Rising

Use Pollen in V Rising
Image Credits: Aiming4Gaming on YouTube

You can get Pollen in V Rising with the help of flowers. Just like in the real world, you can collect any given flower and turn it into pollen. Flowers are scattered across the entire map, so you can travel anywhere to get as many flowers as you want.

Apart from that, you don’t necessarily have to roam around collecting them. You can purchase flower seeds in the game and plant them in your own garden. From there, you can harvest them and put them in the grinder.

For every 20 flowers you put in the grinder, you will get 10 pollen. It is worth noting that you can only contain the maximum of 500 pollen.

How to Use Pollen in V Rising

Remember in the older version of the game, you would go searching for Coarse Thread? Now, you don’t have to loot that from the Bandit Camps anymore. You can use Pollen in V Rising to make Coarse Thread.

You need Pollen (x16) and Plant Fibre (x12) to craft Coarse Thread. Once you have collected all the necessary ingredients, you can craft it in the loom. If you haven’t got loom yet, you have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor to get Loom. Then, you simply need Plank (x20), Copper Ingot (x12), and Wool Thread (x4) to build it.

That’s all about how to get Pollen in V Rising and use it. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.