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Dinkum: How To Get And Use A Bank

Check out this guide to know how can you get and use a Bank in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a new life-simulation farming game based on the theme of wild Australian islands. This game involves activities related to farming and poultry farming as the primaries. Additionally, there are other jobs available on the island, such as mining, fishing, hunting, etc. Performing all these activities gets you money. Speaking of Dinkum, it deals in its exclusive in-game currency called Dinks. The currency, like any other game, is important in Dinkum too. Dinks are one of the two things except resources required while purchasing a tool or weapon in the game. These Dinks can be saved in a bank. Here’s our article that features steps on how to get and use a Bank in Dinkum.

How to Get and Use a Bank in Dinkum


How to get and use a Bank in Dinkum
Image Source – Quests (Youtube)

When we die or pass out in Dinkum, we lose 10% of the Dinks we have in our pocket. However, if that money is stored in the bank, it remains safe. Follow these points to get and use a bank in Dinkum:

  • Various non-playable characters in the game are responsible for different activities. Milburn is the NPC who is in charge of activities related to the bank. Basically, Milburn is a banker.
  • Go to the visitor’s site and meet him. Complete his requests to make him a permanent resident of your island.
  • Your Economy should be 30% in the game. To check your Economy, go to Fletch’s tent and read the notebook kept on her table.
  • Talking to Milburn at a 30% economy score unlocks a Bank Deed.
  • Gather the resources and create a Bank for Milburn.
  • Now, if you want to deposit the money, go to Milburn and talk to him.
  • You get interest on Dinks after deposition. Also, after depositing 1 million, you get rewarded with 3000 Permit Points.


That’s all you should know about Banks in Dinkum. To get more money for deposition in the Bank, check out our other guide that features ways to earn money faster in Dinkum.