Where To Find And How To Use Lures In Adopt Me (Location)

Not sure how to get and set Lures in Adopt Me? Here is all you need to know and do for it.

New to the Adopt Me world and haven’t yet caught any pets? You first have to get the bait and then place it in the Lure to attract them. While there are several ways to get pets, those aren’t very useful during events. Take for instance the Fire Dimensions event that is live at the time of writing. In it, you either make or buy bait from the Tims and then use it on traps.

The mechanism has gone through a few changes from the time of its launch, so it is quite simple to use it now. However, you’ll need to spend some cash, as unlike some baits you cannot create them yourself. Now that you are aware of what’s coming, let us understand the system in detail and place Lure in Adopt Me.

Adopt Me Bait and Lures Guide

Adopt Me Bait and Lure Guide
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Lures are the furniture that you can place inside your home. There are two types of them:

  • Box Lure: This will cost you 750 cash and is a cardboard box trap.
  • Cozy Home Lure: As the name suggests, it looks like a house and offers some advantages. However, it costs 1200 Robux to purchase it.

Where to Purchase Lures

  • To get the item go to your home.
  • On the up, you will see an Edit House option, use it.
  • Next, select Stuff from the presented options.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will have all the Stuff you own. On top of these items at the right corner, you will see a search bar.
  • Type the lure in the search and hit Enter.
  • It will show you the results of the Cozy Home and Box Lure.
  • Buy and place them like any other furniture.

How to Place Bait

To place it go near the Lure and interact with it. It will show you all the baits you currently have. Different baits are used for different kinds and sometimes specific pets. They can be purchased from the event NPCs, made during it, and won through some tasks. If you don’t have any special type, use the Campfire Cookie Bait, which you will see in Inventory after placing the first trap.

How to Set a Fire Dimension Lures in Adopt Me

How to Set a Fire Dimension Lures in Adopt Me

After you have purchased and placed the trap at your house, teleport to the Fire Dimension. While the event is active, you will see the cauldron in front of the portal entrance. Check the recipe and collect the fruits from the dimension. They are spread all over the place, just avoid falling into lava and harvest them. Whenever you approach these plants, you will see the interact option, tap on it to collect. At the top right of your screen, you will see the required amount and how much you have.

Once you have the needed fruits, head to the cauldron and use the Cook Recipe option. You will get The Burnt Bites Bait. Now, return to the home and interact with the Lure. You will then see the newly obtained bait in the list, select and place it. It will take 10 minutes for the trap to work.

Before we wrap up, there is one thing that you must remember before using the Lures in Adopt Me. That is, they wouldn’t always give you a pet, sometimes they give potions, accessories, and other items.