How To Get Unbreakable Master Sword In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Tired of your Master Sword running out of energy in Legend of Zelda TOTK? You should get yourself the unbreakable version of it.

Master Sword is hands down the best weapon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, but what if it was Unbreakable? That is right, it is possible to get it with the help of a glitch. For players that don’t know weapons in this game, similar to BOTW have durability. So your regular Master Sword will run out of energy and you will have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. But thanks to this method you can stop worrying about it breaking ever again!

How to Get Unbreakable Master Sword in Zelda TOTK

Get Unbreakable Master Sword Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

You can get the Unbreakable Master Sword at the In-Isa Shrine by performing the save and reload glitch. Before you go ahead with it this glitch has been fixed in 1.1.2 along with the duplication glitch. But if you didn’t update your game then you can still use it.

For this trick, you will need at least 2 weapons. And you will need the Fuse ability which you get from this shrine itself. Thanks to BeardBear on YouTube for their helpful tutorial on it, you can check out their video below. Here is what you need to do in this glitch:

  1. Go to the In-Isa Shrine. You can do this at any point in the game so go there on a new playthrough or by fast traveling.
  2. Once you enter, wait for the game to autosave.
  3. Now, manually save the game once.
  4. Go to the Title Screen and start a new game. Don’t worry you won’t lose your progress even if it asks you to Overwrite Previous Save data.
  5. Progress the game until you beat the Keese and get the Mural cutscene.
  6. The game will Autosave here.
  7. Reload your save of In-Isa shrine.
  8. Break the Rocky door. You can fuse the Claymore with the rock on the left or use your Bomb Flowers for it.
  9. Next, grab a rock from the right and take it to the next room.
  10. Now, attach the treasure chest on the pillar on the left or the second rock on the right from the previous room to the rock you brought here.
  11. Turn right and then place the fused rock facing the wall.line up chest next to wall
  12. Now, fuse a weapon or grab a fused weapon and climb the chest of this rock.stand on treasure chest on rock next to wall
  13. Stand on it and drop the fused weapon.
  14. Equip any other weapon.
  15. Quickly press the “+” button in rapid succession to open and close the menu.
  16. Now, drop this newly equipped weapon.
  17. Next, load your game to the Beneath Hyrule Castle save where you completed the murals cutscene.
  18. Keep going down and you should find the weapon you dropped.
  19. Pick it up and go back and stand below the step which is taller than the others.stand a step bellow the taller step
  20. Check if still you have your shrine save, then save your game here.
  21. Drop the Master Sword here and equip the new weapon.
  22. Again press “+” twice and then drop the new weapon.
  23. Now, load your game in the In-Isa shrine.
  24. Here, progress forward and go to the room where you dropped your previous weapons.
  25. You should now find a Master Sword by the name MsgNotFound.Pick up the unbreakable Master Sword in Zelda TOTK
  26. Pick it up and you will get the Unbreakable Master Sword.

Do remember you cannot fuse items to it right away.

How to Fuse Items to Unbreakable Master Sword

fusing Unbreakable Master Sword in Zelda TOTK

You will need two unfused weapons to start, and at least 6 other shields or weapons.

  1. Go and stand close to any wall.
  2. Drop 6 shields or weapons. Don’t drop the unfused ones.
  3. Next, equip and drop the Unbreakable Master Sword.
  4. Equip an unfused weapon.
  5. Press “+” twice quickly and exit and come back to the menu.
  6. Now, drop this unfused weapon,
  7. Next, Equip another fused weapon.
  8. Fuse the materials to this unfused weapon that you want to fuse on your Unbreakable Master Sword.
  9. Now, drop this equipped weapon.
  10. Finally, pick up the Unbreakable Master Sword without taking the weapon you dropped before it.
  11. Your Master Sword will now be fused.

Make sure you save the game otherwise, you won’t be able to use the fused version of it outside In-Isa Shrine or after a certain time.

That’s all for how you can get the Unbreakable Master Sword while also being able to fuse it in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). For more such glitches or other helpful guides on this game be sure to check out our TOTK section.