How To Get Ulmiorra Unit Of Ulquiorra In Anime Last Stand

Wondering how to get the Ulmiorra unit of Ulquiorra in Anime Last Stand? Our guide has the method you need to use for it in ALS.

Anime Last Stand has many units inspired by famous anime characters of popular series. One such unit is Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach. In the game, the character is given the name Ulmiorra, and it is a Legendary class that cannot be obtained from the Summon. Not only that, unlike several secret units, it is not a drop of the portals but of a specific act.

If you were looking for its location, you have come to the right place. You just have to scroll down to find out where to get and unlock it in ALS. Also, learn about the other things you can get from the place while grinding for it.

How to Unlock Ulmiorra Unit of Ulquiorra in Anime Last Stand

Unlock Ulmiorra Unit of Ulquiorra in Anime Last Stand
Get Ulmiorra Ulquiorra as reward in Anime Last Stand (Image Credit: Jonaslyz on YouTube)

Ulquiorra is a secret unit of the ALS that you wouldn’t find in the Summon, and neither can it be obtained through code like Flash. The only place that has it is story mode Hollow Dimension Act 6. The drop rate is 5% with both the Normal and Nightmare difficulties, so you will have to spend hours grinding for it. While it might seem like there are other better alternatives to this unit, this has its own set of pros that they don’t.

The biggest pro of the Ulmiorra unit is that even though it will take time to get it as a random drop, it is still better than collecting and attempting portals. Once you have unlocked the act, you can play it any number of times, which is not the case with most other non-summonable units of the Anime Last Stand.

Another advantage of grinding for Ulquiorra is that you will even get Ulmiorra Spear and Ulmiorra Blade as a random drop in that story mode act. Ulmiorra Spear has a 5%, and Ulmiorra Blade has a 1% drop rate. If an evolution system is made available for the character in the future, it will most likely use these weapons.

With this, we wrap up how to get and unlock Ulmiorra Ulquiorra in Anime Last Stand. For more topics like this, make sure to check out our other ALS guides here at the Gamer Tweak. You can start by obtaining a Boat and later get the Red Dragon Empress.