How to Get and Use Twilight Orb in King Legacy

A Twilight Orb is extremely crucial if you want to face off with the Raid Boss on Zombie Island. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

A Twilight Orb in King Legacy is an important item required for spawning a Raid Boss. While there are several bosses in this Roblox Experience, this item is needed to spawn the Raid Boss on Zombie Island. Much like any other material, getting your hands on the Twilight Orb is a difficult task in itself. So obtaining it can become even more stressful if you don’t know where to look for it. Anyway, here’s our guide that can help you find and make use of Twilight Orb properly.

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How to Get Twilight Orb in Roblox King Legacy

defeat shadow master to get twilight orb in king legacy
Image Credits to NeedForGaming

For now, the only way to get Twilight Orbs in King Legacy is by defeating the Shadow Master. This NPC is found on Zombie Island, near the entrance of the huge mansion. Once you find the Shadow Master, interact with him and accept his challenge for a fight. After a few seconds, he will spawn inside the mansion, so go there and defeat him for a chance to collect Twilight Orb from his drop.

Note: There is only a 1.5% chance that the Shadow Master will drop a Twilight Orb after getting defeated. So you may have to try multiple times before finally getting it.

How to Use Twilight Orb

Primarily, the Twilight Orb in King Legacy is used for spawning the Raid Boss on Zombie Island in First Sea. To do this, you have to go behind Shadow Master’s mansion and place the Twilight Orb in a pillar (refer to the image below).

use twilight orb to spawn raid bosses in King Legacy
Use Twilight Orb on the marked Pillar. Image Credits to King Legacy Wiki

After placing the Twilight Orb, a blue-colored Monster (Oar) will appear. He will have a total of 750k HP and won’t despawn until you defeat him. Luckily, if you somehow manage to defeat the Monster, you will get rewards like Beli, XP, and possibly a Mom Blade. Aside from spawning a Raid Boss, Twilight Orb is also used as a crafting material for Bloodthirsty Stone.

That’s all there is to know about the Twilight Orb in King Legacy. After grinding so much, you clearly deserve some precious free rewards. For that, make sure to check out our King Legacy Codes guide.