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How To Get Trash Cubes In Raft & Uses

Wondering how to get and use Trash Cubes in Raft? Check out this guide.

Since the early access was removed and Raft dropped its final version on Steam, players are rushing to play it. In this open-world survival game, your objective is to survive on a 2 x 2 raft as you collect resources, items, and travel to multiple locations. To progress in the game, these items and resources will turn out to be vital. While some items can be collected, some need to be bought in-game. The Raft currency is Trash Cubes thus it is important to know how to get and use it. So let’s check out this guide to know more.

How to Get Trash Cubes in Raft

Raft Get and use Trash Cubes

No one would expect something called Trash Cubes to be so important. Here is what you need to do to get Trash Cubes in Raft:

  • Trash Cubes are made up of raw materials which can be recycled.
  • To convert these raw materials to Trash Cubes you will need to get the Recycler Blueprint and craft a Recycler.
  • Here is what you need to craft the Recycler:
    • Plastic x6
    • Metal Ingot x2
    • Bolt/ Hinge x2
    • Circuit Board x1
  • You will also need a Simple Battery to run the Recycler.
  • Once the Recycler is working, you need to place the following items in the amount required to get Trash Cubes in Raft. Note that the quantity mentioned below is for 1 Trash Cube.
    • Bolt: 4
    • Clay: 10
    • Copper Ingot: 4
    • Copper: 5
    • Dirt: 5
    • Dry Brick: 2.5
    • Feather: 30
    • Giant Clam: 5
    • Glass: 8
    • Hinge: 4
    • Leather: 50
    • Metal Ingot: 4
    • Metal Ore: 5
    • Nail: 15
    • Palm Leaf: 30
    • Plank: 19
    • Plastic: 30
    • Rope: 15
    • Sand: 10
    • Scrap: 10
    • Seaweed: 15
    • Stone: 50
    • Titanium Ore: 2
    • Vine Goo: 12
    • Wet Brick: 2.5
    • Wool: 2

How to Use Trash Cube

Trading Post Raft Use Trash Cubes

Once you recycle enough raw materials and make Trash Cubes, you need to go to a Trading Post. They are available on almost all major islands. Items and resources can be purchased here in exchange for trash cubes.

If you have saved your raw materials from the early game, you will be able to use quite a lot of Trash Cubes and purchase items and resources.

That’s all from this guide on how to get and use Trash Cubes in Raft. While you are here, make sure you check out how to unlock all new characters, how to get Temperance Code, and other guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.