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Raft: How To Craft A Recycler

Here is how you can build a Recycler in Raft.

While playing Raft the sooner you craft a Recycler the better. It is the machine that gives you important currency in exchange for literal garbage. You might have several things lying around in your inventory like Palm leaves, Plastic, Feathers, or more. Just dump them here and you will get Trash Cube for it. So if you are interested in finding out more about it keep reading to learn how you can make a Recycler in Raft and how to use it.

How to Craft a Recycler in Raft


how to craft a recycler in raft
Image Credit: Stravent on YouTube

You can make a Recycler in this game after you find its Blueprints. Here is everything you need to craft it:

  1. Recycler Blueprint: Go to the top of the Radio Tower. In the highest room, you will find the blueprint for it on the whiteboard. Take the Blueprint.
  2. Next, go to your Research table.
  3. From your research table, you can learn the recipe of the Recycler.
    • To craft it you need:
      • Plastic x6
      • Metal Ingot x2
      • Bolt x2. You can also use 2 Hinge instead of 2 Bolts.
      • Circuit Board x1
    • What the recipe won’t tell you it also needs a Battery to run. But we will get to it in a bit.
  4. Open the crafting menu and use the above resources.
  5. When you click on the Craft button you will get the Recycler.


How to Use the Recycler

You can use the Recycler by adding raw materials to it and converting them to Trash Cubes.

  1. Add the item you no longer need in your inventory. This will be the item you want to discard and recycle.
  2. Walk up to the Recycler.
  3. Press E to place the item in the Recycler.
  4. When the minimum amount needed for the item meets it will turn it into a Trash Cube.


In order to use the Recycler though, you will need a Simple Battery. Here is how to craft one:

  • Copper Ingot x1
  • Scrap x3
  • Plastic x6

Once you place the battery you are ready to use the Recycler.


Materials you can use

These are all the materials you can use to get 1 Trash cube in this game.

  • Bolt: 4
  • Clay: 10
  • Copper Ingot: 4
  • Copper: 5
  • Dirt: 5
  • Dry Brick: 2.5
  • Feather: 30
  • Giant Clam: 5
  • Glass: 8
  • Hinge: 4
  • Leather: 50
  • Metal Ingot: 4
  • Metal Ore: 5
  • Nail: 15
  • Palm Leaf: 30
  • Plank: 19
  • Plastic: 30
  • Rope: 15
  • Sand: 10
  • Scrap: 10
  • Seaweed: 15
  • Stone: 50
  • Titanium Ore: 2
  • Vine Goo: 12
  • Wet Brick: 2.5
  • Wool: 2

Thanks to Raft Fandom for their information on these materials.

That covers everything you should do to make the Recycler in Raft and how to use it. If you are playing this game then you might find our guide useful on how to unlock new characters.