Adopt Me: How To Get A Trading License

By Shubham
5 Min Read

Are you looking for how to get the Trading License in Adopt Me? Don’t fret, as you are in the same boat with many Roblox players. With the Trade License, you can have a better experience of trading with other Roblox players. While playing Adopt Me, there are many instances when players cannot buy a certain pet. With increasing values, trading your pets with high rarities can help you out. But as there are also several scammers you may encounter, it is best if you have a Trade License. But where to find & get this license? Check out our guide to know everything about it along with if you need this License.

How to Get a Trading License in Adopt Me Roblox

adopt me how to get trading license

You can get the Trading license from the Safety Hub located near the Farm Shop & Potion Shop. While there is no map in Adopt Me, you can navigate to the Safety Hub. For that, you must teleport and travel to the Farm Shop. Once you reach there, head out the gate to find a white building with two floors. This two-storied white building is the Safety Hub where you can take on the Trading License test.

So, here’s how you can get the Trade License in Adopt Me:

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  • As you enter the Safety Hub, you will find an area near the stairs. You can give your Trading License test over there.
  • Talk to Agent Alex to start with your test who will disappear when you interact with him.
  • Based on different scenarios, you must jump on the red and green buttons. The Red button represents a scam trade while the Green button represents not a scam.
  • These scenarios will play out with different Avatars and a dummy NPC on one side.
  • With every scenario, you will be asked if the trade is safe involving some basic points. So, that you are not fooled by anyone else.
  • Along with these situations, you will also get a summary of these trades.
  • You will get a Trading License if you answer all the scenarios or questions correctly.

However, if you don’t answer them correctly, you will be teleported outside. But don’t worry, as you can take on these tests for an unlimited amount of time. And there are no cooldowns if you fail these free tests.

Keep an eye on the different scenarios and how they are played out. If the NPC you are trading with is giving you nothing in return, it’s a scam trade. In such cases, you must press a red button. But if the trader NPC is giving you a free pet as he doesn’t want it, you can push the green button as it is safe to trade. We recommend carefully listening to the scenarios and then, pushing a green or red button.

Do you Need Trade License?

Yes, you do need a Trading license in Adopt Me. This license will allow you to trade ultra-rare and legendary pets with Roblox players. Once you obtain the Trade license, you can also view your Trading history for the past 30 days. There are no requirements or prerequisites you must complete before giving the Trading License test. This makes it easier to get this license.

In addition to that, you can report scammers using this license. You can find it in your Inventory once you have acquired a Trading License.

That’s everything covered about how to get a Trading License in Adopt Me. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to get the Zodiac Minion Egg & Chick, how to make Neon Gorilla, and more Adopt Me Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.