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The Cycle Frontier: How To Get Toxic Glands & Locations

Here is where you can find Toxic Glands in The Cycle Frontier.

If you want to complete the Toxic Love quest in The Cycle Frontier you will need to get Toxic Glands. As per the game’s description, it is a foul-smelling sack that is capable of breaking down human fl*sh. And since they are this dangerous, you won’t be getting them by slaying just any creature. So in this guide let us check how to get Toxic Glands in The Cycle Frontier.

How to Get Toxic Glands in The Cycle Frontier

the cycle frontier toxic glands locations
Image Credit: Rodwenn on YouTube

You can get Toxic Glands in this game by killing red and green ticks. It is not a 100% drop but these are the enemies that drop it upon dying. You will need Toxic Glands to complete the quest Toxic Love. This quest is of two parts and you will need it in the second part of the quest.

We will get to the quest in a bit, here are the locations where you can find Toxic glands:

  • Swamp Camp
  • Jungle Camp

Both of these areas spawn Blast and Acid ticks. But you are more likely to find them in Spawn Camp as compared to Jungle Camp.

How to Use the Toxic Glands

As mentioned previously, Toxic Glands are used for completing the Toxic Love quest. You have to deliver toxic glands to Marie Gilbert – ICA Chief Procurement Officer. The quest consists of two parts.

  • In the first part you need to:
    • Stash Rare Data Drives and 8 Smoke Grenades at the Comms Tower
  • And in the second part of the quest you have to:
    • Deliver 3 Toxic Glands, 7 Hydraulic Pistons, and 10 Alloys.

Once you do the tasks needed in both parts of the quest you get 10 Gas Grenades. You can also start purchasing Gas Grenades from ICA.

That cover this guide on how to get Toxic Glands in The Cycle: Frontier & its locations. If you need more help with this game then you will find our guides useful on how to get keys, green armor, best keybinds for it, and check the server status.