Creatures Of Sonaria Torcherouk Guide

Check out this guide to know how to unlock and get Torcherouk in Creatures of Sonaria.

The latest update in Creatures of Sonaria introduced two artifact creatures. And if you are looking for tier 4 species to lead your herbivore herd with a fiery attitude early in the game, then you might want to get Torcherouk. This newly added creature along with Dabaemura is available for players in the Artifact Shop, however, it might be a tad bit expensive to purchase.

Torcherouk in Creatures of Sonaria has both burn as well as bleed resistances which makes it one of the rare creatures in the game. Along with it, the tier 4 land herbivore also has Berserk as its passive ability which increases stamina regeneration and attack speed when at low health. So if you looking to slot in the creature, here is everything you need to know about how to unlock it.

How to Unlock Torcherouk in Creatures of Sonaria

How To Unlock Torcherouk In Creatures Of Sonaria
Image Source: Elasmo on YouTube

Torcherouk in Creatures of Sonaria is available for players to purchase in the Artifact Shop on the main menu. You will be able to purchase the creature for around 400,000 Shooms in the game. However, you can lower the initial price by obtaining two different artifacts namely Fire Artifact and Volcanic Artifact.

The Fire Artifact in Creatures of Sonaria will lower the price by 2%. Players can combine it with the Volcanic Artifact which will in turn lower the price by 40% in the game. You will find them quite difficult to obtain in the game. The only way to get your hands on these artifacts is to complete specific missions and objectives. While there are several missions that you can undertake, each mission does not guarantee the artifacts.

Since you will need to keep doing those missions until you stumble upon the artifact, it will be time-consuming in the game. Here are the missions and objectives that you can undertake for each artifact in Creatures of Sonaria:

  • Fire Artifact
    • Nest as a Volcanic creature.
    • Survive as a Volcanic creature.
  • Volcanic Artifact
    • Survive on the Volcano Island.
    • Grow a Tier 3 or higher Volcanic creature to age 100.
    • Heal burn status.

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