Creatures Of Sonaria: How To Get Dabaemura

Check out this guide to know how to unlock and get Dabaemura in Creatures of Sonaria.

Dabaemura in Creatures of Sonaria is one of the new artifact creatures added in the latest update. These creatures are considered to be dangerous pests of the Sonaria desert and are regarded as tier 3 flying carnivore species in the game. While the creature is fairly large and has average stats in general, it has the passive Bleed Block ability that grants it resistance from getting bleed status.

Similar to other artifact creatures in the game, you can get your hands on these flying carnivores in the Artifact Shop, however, you will find them quite expensive. Although, there are a few things you can do to lower the price of Shooms required to unlock and get Dabaemura in Creatures of Sonaria. So if you are looking to add the newly added creature to your roster, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Unlock Dabaemura in Creatures of Sonaria

How To Unlock Dabaemura In Creatures Of Sonaria
Image Source: Elasmo on YouTube

Players can get their hands on Dabaemura in Creatures of Sonaria from the Artifact Shop on the main menu. The creature is available for a starting price of 500,000 Shooms in the shop. Similar to other creatures available in the shop, you can gradually lower the price by obtaining certain mission-based items called artifacts for Dabaemura.

For Dabaemura specifically, you will need the Warden Stone or Warden’s Jewel to reduce the price in the game. While the Warden Stone will lower the price by 2%, the Warden’s Jewel will significantly reduce it by 30% in Creatures of Sonaria. However, obtaining both of them can be quite time-consuming.

There are several missions that you can take on to obtain the stone and the jewel, however, each mission does not guarantee you the artifact. This makes it even more time-consuming and hard to get your hands on. Here is a list of all the missions you can carry out for both the artifacts and obtain it

  • Warden Stone
    • Donate 150 food units to Angelic Warden’s Warden Shrine.
    • Donate 750 food units to Boreal Warden’s Warden Shrine.
    • Donate 250 food units to Garra Warden’s Warden Shrine.
    • Donate 50 food units to Hellion Warden’s Warden Shrine.
    • Donate 500 food units to Verdant Warden’s Warden Shrine.
  • Warden’s Jewel
    • Donate 2500 food units to Ardor Warden’s Warden Shrine.
    • Donate 1000 food units to Eigion Warden’s Warden Shrine.
    • Donate 1500 food units to Novus Warden’s Warden Shrine.

Since no mission guarantees you the artifacts, you must keep completing the missions until you stumble upon one in Creatures of Sonaria. With that being said, you earn the Shooms by actively playing the game, collecting daily rewards, etc. Every 2 minutes, you would get around 5 Shooms in the game.

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