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How To Get To Soul Society In Project Mugetsu Roblox (PM)

Here is a guide on how you can get to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu in Roblox.

Project Mugetsu Roblox or PM is Based on Bleach, so in a reference to it, you need to do Senkaimon to open the gates to Soul Society. This game features extensive character customization and depth like race, builds, custom models, etc. It is heavily inspired by everything from Bleach anime. So, it’s been highly anticipated by Bleach fans and anime fans in general. It also features PvP combat which can get pretty intense. Let’s take a look a Soul Reaper’s path to Soul Society.

How to Find a Way to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu (PM)

soul society project mugetsu pm

To get to Soul Society in Roblox Project Mugetsu, you will need to unlock and learn the Senkaimon Skill as a Soul Reaper. But, you will need to be at Mastery level 5 in order to purchase it for 500 Gold. This is the only way as of now to enter and exit the Soul Society.

To get your Mastery level up, you will need to use skills that require 0 Mastery level. The best skills for this that require 0 Mastery level are Haien and Byokurai. Equip these skills and then use them on enemy mobs and other NPCs before going to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu. Attacking them with these skills and getting kills with them will make you gain Skill Mastery. Also, you can check the bottom right of your screen to check on which Skill Mastery you are at currently.

Once you have Mastery level 5, you can buy Senkaimon Skill from the Soul Reaper Skills menu. Press ‘M” to open the menu and head over to the Skills tab. Here, navigate to the Soul Reaper section, which is where you will find the Senkaimon Skill. After acquiring it, simply use the skill to open a gate to Soul Society.

That is how you can get to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu Roblox (PM). For more guides like this, check out our other articles on Project Mugetsu like the Clans tier list and how to become a Menos.