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How To Reach Goron City Without Burning In Zelda BOTW

Here is how you can reach Goron City in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Getting to Goron City in Zelda BOTW without burning is a task in itself. The place is too hot for you to handle without the right equipment. And mere heat resistance isn’t enough. You will need some form of fire resistance to not only reach there but also survive the area. So here is the best way to reach Goron City without burning in Zelda BOTW.

How to Reach Goron City Without Burning in BOTW

zelda botw how to reach goron city without burning
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You can reach Goron City by consuming the Fireproof Elixir. An NPC named Gaile sells 3 of these Elixirs to you. Here is where you can find her:

  1. Go to the Foothill Stable. The best place to start is by fast traveling to Eldin Tower and flying southeast towards it. Once you are down follow the main road to get there.
  2. Look for Gaile outside the Foothill Stable. She should be brooming the area.
  3. Talk to her and she will sell you Fireproof Elixir. She will sell 3 of those at most and her offer for them changes the more you buy.
    • 1 Fireproof Elixir: 60 Rupees
    • 2 Fireproof Elixirs: 110 Rupees
    • 3 Fireproof Elixirs: 150 Rupees
  4. Buy them as per your needs. 2 are good if you want to play safe, and buy 3 if you plan on exploring around a bit.
  5. Travel back to the Eldin Tower.
  6. Drink a Fireproof Elixir and fly northwest towards the main road and follow that path to Goron City.

Make sure you unequip any wooden items or things like Korok leaves. This is because they can catch fire from the environment and start burning. Also, watch how much time is left for the effects of the Elixir to get over. Drink another one if it is almost used up.

While on your way to the City, you will pass the Southern mines. You can get the Flamebreaker Armor here after completing a side quest for Kima. So you could use it to get to the city without burning but this task can be a bit time consuming. You need to give him 10 Fireproof lizards for it.

Don’t worry even if you do choose to skip his quest you can buy the entire Flamebreaker Armor set once you reach the City.

That covers this guide on how to get to Goron City in Zelda BOTW without burning. You should also find our guides useful on how many hearts you need to get Master Sword, how to get the Gerudo Outfit, and the Best Horses in the game.