How To Get To Darkshore From Stormwind In WoW Classic

Looking for a way to get to Darkshore? Here is how you can reach there from the Stormwind City in WoW Classic.

While there are many things good about WoW Classic, one thing that can be confusing for some players is how you can get from one place to another. This isn’t all that tough, but at times it can depend on your character. You might have changed your alliance or faction and now might be stuck in an area. An example of this is many people are looking for ways to get to Darkshore from Stormwind City.

Now, if you are a Night Elf, this is pretty easy for you. But for all the others you need to go through some extra steps to reach Stormwind. So here is not only how you can get there but also how you can make your way back from Darkshore.

How to Reach Darkshore from Stormwind in WoW Classic

How To Get To Darkshore From Stormwind In WoW Classic
Image Credits: corvo harless on YouTube
  1. To begin, go to the southern Stormwind Harbor and get on the boat.
  2. Wait until you arrive at the Rut’theran Village.
  3. Now, cross the bridge and keep heading north until you find the NPC Vesprystus.
  4. This is the Hippogryph Master, ride one of the Hippogryphs to Lor’danel Darkshore.
  5. Next, you will reach Darkshore, your ride ends at Teldira Moonfeather (Hippogryph Master).
  6. From here you can head out to explore Darkshore.

How to Get to Stormwind from Darkshore

You can get back to Stormwind by talking to Zidromi:

  1. Open the map and look for a speech bubble icon, this will show you where you can find Zidromi.
  2. Go there and talk to them.
  3. This allows you to go back to the past version of Darkshore.
  4. Finally, fly to Rut’theran Village, one of the docks here will have a portal directly to Stormwind.

In case you are already in the Older version of Darkshore, then you don’t have to talk to Zidromi and can directly use the Portal.

That is all on how you can get to Darkshore from Stormwind and vice versa in WoW Classic. While you are here I suggest you check out our World of Warcraft Classic guides for more help on other topics of this game.