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How to easily get Supply Drops in Gears 5

When you get to the multiplayer section of Gears 5, you will be constantly jumping from one game to another but what will set you apart is having great cosmetic and to get those you will need Supply Drops. This guide will show you how to get easily get supply drops in Gears 5.

How to easily get Supply Drops in Gears 5

It is simple to get Supply Drops in order to get these you need to play any of the Versus, Horde, or Escape multiplayer modes, every minute you survive in these modes you will make progress towards getting the next Supply Drop.

But knowing how to get these Supply Drops fast makes a large difference as the more you have, the better you can stylize yourself.

How To Get Supply Drops Faster

You will need to purchase any of the following products in order to accelerate the process of getting Supply Drops faster, these are items which have been added to the promotion of the game and every purchase will bring you closer to getting a Supply Drop.

  • XP Boosts
  • Rockstar Energy Drink Promotional Cans
  • Chips Ahoy Cookies

XP Boosts will “Double speed Supply Drop Progression” which means that this microtransaction will not only help you level up faster but will also result in getting new cosmetics.

Rockstar Energy Drink and Chips Ahoy Cookies are promotionally tied in with Gears 5 and getting these will grant you codes that will offer you free Supply Drops. Just make sure to buy the products with the promotion on and enter the codes on the packaging to redeem.

This is all there is to know about how to get Supply drops faster and early in the game. Check our other Gears 5 guides and collectible location to gear up faster.

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