Anime Last Stand (ALS): How To Get Stained Bandage

Players with Hero Hunter must be looking for Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand. This is where you can find this material.

Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand is a material that you require for evolving Hero Hunter into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty). Someone who has this One Punch Man character simply can not avoid having its upgraded form. As there are quests that need to be completed on Nightmare Difficulty, you should evolve Hero Hunter using a Stained Bandage in ALS. However, like any other item, you will have to do some tasks before getting it. To help you with that, here’s a quick guide for you.

How to Get Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand

obtaining Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand
Image Credits to TrickyRBLX

To get Stained Bandage in ALS, you need to complete the Hero Association Act 6 in Story Mode. There’s no way you can craft this material, so obtaining it through Story Mode is the only way. But you should know that playing Hero Association Act 6 on Normal difficulty does not guarantee you a Stained Bandage. Instead, you should try playing it on Nightmare difficulty as it has a 3% to 6% drop chance.

It is recommended that you grind in Hero Association Act 6 repeatedly until you finally get a Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand. Since you only need one of this material for evolving Hero Hunter into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty), you don’t have to repeat once you get the bandage. One more thing, evolving Hero Hunter not only requires a Stained Bandage but also x25 Common Spirit Shard, x8 Rare Spirit Shard, x3 Epic Spirit Shard, and x3 Legendary Spirit Shard.

As of now, Stained Bandages in Anime Last Stand hold no other purpose other than evolving Hero Hunter. So you can sigh in relief if you don’t keep any interest in this character.

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