How To Find The Sound Of A Flute In Tears Of The Kingdom

Mansi Singh
3 Min Read

Intertwining different quests, this task of obtaining Sound of the flute with a troupe in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can be tricky. But you must get Kaysa Fairy out of her bud to complete the Great Fairy Fountains. And like Cotera and Mija, she too wants to hear a specific instrument. So go through this guide and follow all the steps to unlock Great Fairy Kaysa in TotK.

How to Play Sound of a Flute for Fairy Kaysa in Zelda TotK

Play Sound Of A Flute In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Kaysa Fairy is one of the great fairies, who will only appear in front of you if she hears the Sound of the Flute. And your playing the instrument is not enough. As she wishes to hear it in a troupe. Due to this, you would require to go meet a Pyper at the coordinates (0524, -3391, 0048). The place is called Highland Stable, and it is part of the Faron Grasslands.

  1. You will find Pyper on a tree playing his flute.
  2. Talk to him. And he will give you a side quest “The Flute Player’s Plan“.
  3. Only by completing this quest can you convince Pyper to join you. And get Sound of a flute in Zelda TotK.
  4. This new side quest is not very hard. If you keep following the steps, you will smoothly complete them and get Pyper in your troupe.
  5. Pyper is feeling guilty for harming the tree and wishes to light up the tree with 10 fireflies. And he also wants to show this to a girl.
  6. Thus, your task is to reach the coordinates (0430 -3054 0012) in Faron Woods. And then capture ten sunset fireflies from there to get Sound of a flute in Zelda TotK.
  7. Now, go back to the Pyper and give him the Sunset fireflies.
  8. Next, visit the nearby structure and ask the girl to follow you to the tree.
  9. There are two things that you must keep in mind while handing the fireflies to the Pyper. First, it should be dark, and second, it shouldn’t be pouring.
  10. First, because fireflies glow in the dark. And second, because the girl wouldn’t follow you if it’s raining.
  11. That’s all, now you will hear peaceful flute music supported by breathtaking animation.

Once you have obtained the Sound of a flute in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). You can proceed to unlock Great Fairy Fountains by taking Pyper to the Kaysa. Also, if you are unable to access Fairy Fountains. It’s because you haven’t started the Lucky Clover Gazette quest. So unlock the mentioned quest and collect a musical troupe for enhanced armor.

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